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Marathon Post #2 : "Wondrous Winter"

Exercise #56 : "Wondrous Winter"

Your character is an adult who has never before seen or experienced winter. He (or she) arrives in a large, mid-western city today. Describe his or her journey into the city.

You know, up until I moved to New York in 2005, I was certain that everyone in the United States had witnessed at least a tiny bit of snow fall. Even I, who had lived in Arizona, Mississippi, and Tennessee, had seen the lovely snow fall. I've always been told that, since I've lived in the south my whole life, I was more appreciative of snow than, say, people from Michigan, and I guess that's true. I don't know... I love winter. It's my favorite season. There's just something about the crispness of the air that gets to me. There's also nothing better than sitting in front of a fire, snuggled in the deepest recesses of an oversized armchair, and reading a novel (or writing one!). Sighhh... Only a few more months, and the weather will be better here. I loathe summer...

That's not my point, though... When I moved to new York I met a group of people who had just moved there from Florida, and they were absolutely mystified by the fact that it snowed regularly each winter. They were shocked, even, that the temperature steadily stayed below 30 degrees.

But what am I doing?? There's an exercise that needs doing!

Cayleign Mitchell pushed her foot further down on the pedal, pushing her 1995 Buick Century further than it was probably wise. The dark clouds quickly approaching from behind worried her. The world below looked desolate, bleak, and uninviting. So Cayleign sped onward.

Why now? Why this weekend when they knew a big storm was coming in?

Her parents had made plans for their vow renewal service months ago, so she couldn't blame them. Not really, even though it made her feel better to do so.

The drive had been long - all the way from Miami, Florida to Somersworth, New Hampshire - but she was almost there and had enjoyed the time to herself. Her job was not only demanding and time consuming, but she was constantly surrounded by people, and any respite from such an environment was appreciated.

Cayleign looked up at the sky. The clouds had caught up to her. Easing up on the gas pedal, she consigned herself to driving through the storm, but after a few minutes passed, she was surprised to see little white fluffs of down falling from the sky.

"Are you serious?" she said aloud. "It's snowing?"

As the flakes hit her windshield, they immediately transformed into beads of water dripping down to the hood of her car. Completely fascinated by this weather phenomenon, Cayleign nearly hit a tree but swerved in time to miss it. She pulled over to collect herself, but she couldn't turn the car back on until she stepped out to do something she'd always dreamed of doing.

She pushed open the door and pulled herself out of the car, the snow falling silently on her exposed arm. She hadn't thought to prepare herself for cold weather, but she didn't care. Turning her head upwards, she spread her arms, opened her mouth, and stuck out her tongue. A small flake landed on the tip of her tongue and, like on her windshield, dissolved into sweet nothingness. An uncontrollable giggle escaped from within her, and she sat back down in the car. A few minutes later, she arrived at her parents' home.

"5" minutes over.

This was another one that I got carried away with. Whoops. I was writing, and all of the sudden several more minutes than 5 had passed. Oh well. I had a good time, so that's all that matters, I guess.

Do any of you live in climates where it never snows? I live in Tennessee, and, while we don't get a ton of snow, we get a little bit every summer. The idea of a place where it never snows completely boggles my mind.

Blog post 3 will be up at approximately 2pm. See you then.



Lisa said…
It always shocks me too when people say they haven't seen an ocean. I wonder what would be the more overwhelming or interesting or awe-inspiring...snow or the ocean? hmmm...
Anonymous said…
Love your writing style. I've lived all over so I've seen it both with and without snow, but hate the winters, especially Christmas, without it. Can't wait to follow your story.
BT said…
I haven't seen snow since I was two! We don't get a lot of it anywhere in Australia but we get pretty much zero in South Australia.

Occasionally our biggest hill, laughingly titled Mt Lofty, gets a little dusting but it would all have melted by the time I got in the car, let alone drove the hour or so it would take me to get there.

We have snow fields in Victoria but I couldn't be bothered driving all that way to spend ridiculous amounts of money and freeze to death.

I much prefer the heat of summer - maybe it's my old bones and the lack of clothing on women, but it seems a much nicer season to me :c)
Ha! Unfortunately in Canada everywhere gets the snow. It keeps us confined to our igloos in the winter.

Of course, some areas are worse than others. I grew up in Victoria and hardly saw snow in my childhood due to the warmer climate near the Pacific. Now here in Newfoundland, we get blasted with snow that will last the entire winter. But I still prefer the winter weather over the humidity and +30 Degrees C of Ontario (or Tennessee).
Laura R. said…
I'm from Egypt and I've never ever seen snow. If it gets too cold, it hails (is that the verb?), and even then it's only happened 2 times in my whole entire 15-year-old life. In fact, the winter is really short here, 2 months at best. Darn global warming.

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