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"60 vs. 16"

Exercise #65 : "60 vs. 16"

Suppose you re, or your character, is 60 years old. In your (or his/her) opinion, in what ways does a 16-year-old lack wisdom and/or perspective?

I can always tell when I don't really like an exercise when I type it into the little entry box in blogger and immediately open facebook in another tab... I mean, this is a good exercise. It gets me to thinking about the perspective of a 60-year-old. If I ever plan on writing older characters, this is good... so why am I having such a hard time simply sitting down and writing this? Being that it's 4pm, I'm already running late on this post. Well, I guess it's time to wing it.

I am going to do this exercise (and probably all of October's exercises) in preparation for my NaNoWriMo idea. I've actually decided to take my current work in progress and transfer it to NaNoWriMo. You see, the problem with this particular story is that I have a good portion of the plot figured out, I know my main characters, and the only thing left to do really is sit down and friggin' write it. I think NaNoWriMo will be good motivation for me. Of course, the initial product at the end of November will probably be a piece of crap, but it will definitely be a strong jumping off point. All in all, I'm very excited.

Ok. So the character is the lead male, first mate aboard a smuggling / privateer vessel. In accordance with this exercise, he is now 60 years old.


Look at him. He's so green that you can practically smell it. The way he holds himself, he's so eager to please, so unaware of how tough life is going to be from now on... Part of me wants to tell him, but another part of me - the smarter part - knows that's something he has to learn on his own. And he will learn it, one way or another. It's not like anything I would say would make a difference, anyway. He would be just like I was, certain that his experience would be different, that he would be happy and successful in the end. Success may become his, but happiness? A shred of it, perhaps, but certainly not in any way that he expects.

Uh... This isn't nearly 5 minutes, but I can't think of anything else to put. So... End?


Anyways, that's it for today. Sorry this post was so horribly delayed. Oy.



Cammie said…
Hi - I'm new to your blog, and am very jazzed by this whole concept of 52 weeks of writing exercises. Could you please tell me (or direct me to an early post that mentions) where you got the idea to do this and what your source for these exercises is? I know my writing could benefit from doing a few!
Tea said…
I just found your blog and love it!! I'll check back often.

I just started my first blog about 2 weeks ago. This will be wonderful practice.
Stef Howerton said…
Welcome, ladies!! :) I'm so excited that you've decided to give my little blog a visit.

Cammie, if you click on the title of each of my posts, you will be directed to the site where I got all of these exercises. It's

I guess I should add that information to the widgets on my page, shouldn't I? :)

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