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"Your Character Visits the Dentist"

Exercise #24: "Your Character Visits the Dentist"
Write the scene.

Well, thanks for giving me a ton to work with here (Please note the dripping sarcasm.)... But I guess that gives me some wiggle room?

My first response to this, other than what I've already written is, Well, what character should I put in this environment? The answer is this: I have no fraggin' idea. Oy gewald (Yay for Yiddish!). This is starting out strongly.

You know what? I'm thinking too hard about this. Meet Annalise. She is a new character that I just made up, oh, 2 seconds ago. She doesn't like the dentist, but she has to go due to a tooth ache. Drama ensues. Let's begin, shall we?

Annalise sat in her parked car for a moment and took deep breath after deep breath, focusing on the air that was so direly needed in her lungs. In and out. In and out, she thought. It had been 6 months since her last visit to the dentist, and it would have been even longer if she hadn't been rendered unable to eat due to inflammation and pain on the right side of her mouth.

The digital clock on her Prius' dashboard read 8:55am. 5 more minutes of non-dentist freedom. In and out. In and out.

Three minutes later, Annalise forced herself out of her car. Walking toward the glass double doors felt like the last walk of a man given the death sentence, except she hadn't been given the option of a last meal. In fact, she had been too nervous to eat anything that morning.

Annalise opened the doors and walked in, immediately overwhelmed by the stench of sterilization. She walked up to the check-in counter and smiled weakly.

"Annalise Vernon," she said, her voice cracking a bit.

"Alright, Miss Vernon," said the receptionist. "Someone will be out in a minute to get you. Make yourself comfortable."

Nodding, Annalise sat down at the nearest chair, a stiff but colorfully decorated piece with a dizzying pattern. A child was playing diligently with one of the waiting room toys next to her. If only he knew what was coming.

The waiting was the worst part. She just wanted to get the whole thing over and done with. Why did she have to wait? She had an appointment for 9 o'clock. Was it impossible for them to stick with that time?

A few minutes passed.

And then a few more.

Finally, a door opened. "Miss Vernon?"

Annalise raised her head toward the voice. "Yes?"

"We're ready for you."

5 minutes up...

That's a lie. hah That was over 10 minutes, but I'm not sure by how much. Not too much. I looked at the clock on the right hand bottom of the screen and thought, Oh, crap, then put an end to the exercise.

I hope you all enjoyed this one. It was actually pretty fun even though Annalise did get a little complain-y.

Feel free to participate in these exercises; I would love to read what you guys have written!

And so ends Exercise #24.

Exercise #25 is called "Permutation." Tune in after 12 o'clock (12pm, that is.) to see what the heck that means!



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