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"Repair / Service"

Exercise #38 - "Repair / Service"

Make a quick list of the major items in a typical house that might need professional repair or service --- everything from the piano to the dishwasher (Take no more than 2 minutes.). Then, next to each item, jot down one or two things that could go wrong / get broken, etc (e.g., loud, clanging noise; dishes come out dirty). Then using no more than 5 words (That's right, only 5 words.), describe each repair or service person who would come to the house.

Ok, friends. 5 minutes start........ now.
  • refrigerator - The light comes on when the door is opened, but there's no cooling. (Or) when trying to cool itself, it makes a God-awful noise that could be likened to the sound of an irate t-rex. : Duke almost always wins.
  • dishwasher - It breaks nearly every single dish that's put into it. : Beautiful Emily shouldn't fix dishwashers.
  • plumbing - Nothing is draining properly. Sinks, tubs, toilets all back up frequently. : Eric alwys cracks a smile (teeheeeee).
  • roofing - The center of the roof has started to sag inward. : Gina - tougher than most guys.
  • foundation - The house is on a slight tilt. : Mark charges excessive amounts.
  • baby grand piano (sigh... Why can't I be rich enough to have one of these?) - Due to age, several of the keys "stick." : Lucian loves his musical work.
  • electrical system - Some lights spark a little when turned on. Some switches don't work at all. : Fred always has a plan. : Sam is a pyromaniac.
  • television - When turned on, it plays for a minute but then retreats into the blue screen of death before going caput. : Margaret doesn't watch television.
5 minutes up.

So today's post is an hour late. Whoops. I accidentally slept a little longer than I had wanted, and by the time I realized this, it was too late. So I started working on it, and voila! We have a new blog. Part of it was also that I was mourning the loss of one of my favorite childhood shows: Reading Rainbow.

Expect a post later on today (probably around 4pm) in honor of Lavar Burton and this great show.



Laura Eno said…
I'm sorry...I don't want to even THINK about all those things breaking. It's depressing... :)
Stef Howerton said…
hahahaha I know, right? I found myself spiraling into a very dark, overwhelming place while doing this one. Bills upon bills upon bills... Ahhhhhhhh!!!
Lisa said…
Disposal gets clogged up - husband Dan would fix it - Dexterious (sp?) Dan dislodges food remains

Deck starts to crumble - Brother in law Chuck who built it - Built BIL rebuilds built Deck.

Floorboards in kitchen come up - husband Dan who laid the floor - Fabulous Dan fists the floor.

Oven will not rise to appropriate temperature - James the electrition- Sparkling Jim restores sparks quickly.

Painted cabinets start to peel - the contractor who came to paint them - Sloppy Lorraine planned to return.

Electric coffee pot breaks - Husband Dan - Smart Dan restores coffee fast.

Clock stops working - I'll fix it! - Thinking Lisa sets it slow.

Just a few :-)
Stef Howerton said…
Thanks, Lisa! Those are great. :) I especially liked your built brother-in-law rebuilding the already built deck. haha

And I believe it's dexterous. :)

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