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"Lulu & Sandra Made Salad"

Exercise #40 : "Lulu & Sandra Make Salad"

Lulu and Sandra are sisters. Lulu is jealous of Sandra. Sandra thinks Lulu is bossy. They are in Lulu's kitchen preparing a salad. Write the scene with dialogue.

5 minutes start.

"Get that bowl for me, would you?" asked Lulu. She was busy slicing a cucumber, its watery juice spattering on the cutting board.

Sandra rolled her eyes. "Fine," she said.

Sensing her sister's annoyance, Lulu looked up from the cucumber to peer at Sandra who was stretching her arm toward her, bowl in her hand. Sandra was looking at the perfectly manicured fingernails on her other hand, inspecting them for cracking paint.

"Thank you," she said. "Can you just put it down there?" But Sandra did not respond. Her attention was completely devoted to her hand.

"Sandra?" Lulu said.

"Hmm? Oh. Here." She dropped the plastic mixing bowl next to Lulu.

"You know," Lulu said, "you could help make this salad instead of picking at your nails all day."

Sandra gave her sister a look of disgusted shock. "I'm not picking at my nails," she said. "I'm maintaining."

"Either way, I could use your help. We have to get this salad ready so we can start setting up the decorations. The roast is almost done, and the rest of the stuff is in the warmer." said Lulu. She stopped cutting the cucumber and went to grab the lettuce.

"When is this thing supposed to start anyway?"

"Are you serious?" Lulu put the crisp, green lettuce into the mixing bowl and added the cucumbers. Sandra was beautiful, but sometimes she was surprisingly dense.

"Yeah, I'm serious," she said, her right eyebrow raised.

5 minutes up.

Wahooooo! 1 down, 325 to go... Aiya!

Come back a little later today for my review of District 9. It's going to be the bomb diggety, yo.

Man alive, I'm a dork.



Anonymous said…
Nothing is fried in a salad, so this could be a tricky one for me.
Stef Howerton said…
haha That's why it's called CREATIVE writing. If you want something fried in your salad, go for it!! :)
Anonymous said…
No time for writing! I'm off to fry myself a salad.
This is really interesting as an exercise, because in the instruction you have a description of both their emotions, and you've described both their emotions from the standpoint of each individual - was tahta conscious choice? How would it read if you had to get across both sets of emotions but only ever tell it from one character's viewpoint?
Stef Howerton said…
You know, it wasn't really a conscious choice, to be completely honest. :) I think I may go back, actually, and write it from a different perspective. Maybe I'll try it twice, one time for each of the characters. I think it would be much more effective that way, but being that I had 5 minutes to write as much as I could, I was just rambling mindlessly. haha I should probably work on that. :)

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