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Lily, My Sister's Cat

I was supposed to do this yesterday. Whoops! I'm sure none of you noticed, and if you did, I'm sure you weren't too chapped about it. :)

Meet Lily, also known (to me) as Lilliput. She's the sweetest of our clan and will never fail to get excited when you come home. A high-pitched "Meowwwwww" will reach your ear the second you open the door. She's also prone to attacking hands in order to pin them down and bathe them. Now, if any of you have had cats, you know that they have rough tongues, and Lily will hold you down until she deems you clean. When she's in the mood, there is no chance of escape, and you will most likely end up with a raw patch of skin on your hand or arm (possibly even your face). But she's still cute as a button, so the offense is forgivable.

Her meow, as I mentioned earlier, is very high-pitched, and I originally thought it was just because she was still in kitten mode and hadn't quite grown into her adult voice, but she's over a year old now and it's still this pathetic little mew. It just adds to the cute factor, honestly.

Anyways, she's my sister's cat. I'm taking care of her because my sister is currently living with my parents due to a 6-month streak of unemployment (She is now employed by the government. Yay, Jennifer!) which sucked her dry of all of her funds. Three cheers for the economy!

The reason my sister had to find a foster home for Lily was because my parents aren't exactly what you would call "cat people" and requested that my sister find somewhere to ke
ep her while she stayed at their house. Jenn knew that I have a really soft heart when it comes to animals, so she asked me to take her, and I accepted. Once she pays off some of her debts, she is going to move out of my parents' house and into an apartment or house close to her job (which should be in around 6-ish months, I think...), and when she does that she'll be taking Lily with her. I must admit that I'm going to be sad when she goes. She's been my little sleeping buddy, cuddling next to my side at night or keeping my feet warm.

She is also the most prone to craziness when introduced to catnip. Of course, Kitty Kitty goes crazy as well, but not nearly as crazypants as Lily. Kitty Kitty will just writhe around in the catnip on the floor for a while, but when Lily smells catnip (or hears the bag crinkling, even) she goes berzerk. First she eats all of it. After a few min
utes, little streaks of black and white fur can be seen darting about the room, and, every so often, she'll stop in a corner to regroup. These recharges are brief and uncommon, but the whole process is hilarious. Oh, catnip, how entertaining thou art.

That's it for this week's installment of "Meet the cats that live in my house." I should probably come up with a better name for that, but seeing as I only have 1 more cat to do, there's not really much of a point, is there?

Next Saturday, Charlamagne, the upstairs cat.



Laura Eno said…
I love to watch my cats with catnip! After eating it, they writhe on their backs like they're trying to roll in the crumbs before racing off.
Laura Eno said…
You have an "Honest Scrap" award waiting for you over on my blog.
I wonder what Lily the cat would think of my Lily the dog? I love the name and Lily is a gorgeous kitty. I miss having cats. Don't get me wrong, I love my Lily madly. But cats and dogs are very different( yes, I am captain obvious;-).xoxo
Stef Howerton said…
I am and always will be a dog person. To be completely honest, I don't even think I would have a cat if my sister's cat (Dyna, who is now living with a new, forever family) hadn't given birth to Kitty Kitty (She was in a litter of one. Weird, huh?). But Dyna did have a kitten, and voila! I have a cat! hah
jules said…
What a doll! My parents have a husky called "Lilly" and I call her Lillykins, Lillypad, LillianLiverNose, SillyLilly. All sorts of things.

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