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I've Decided That It's Time...

... you met the kitties in my life. Currently, there are 3. 1 of them is all mine, 1 of them is my sister's, and the other is owned by my upstairs roommate, Jessica.

Today's post is going to be about my cat. Yay!

This is Kitty Kitty, my beautiful baby girl. I helped raise her from the time she was born, and she is just all sorts of wonderful. Of course, being a cat, she can be aloof and mean from time to time if I push her buttons. Thankfully, I know all of those buttons and steer clear of them... unless I want to practice my cat yodeling skills, that is.

All in all, she's pretty great, and I'm lucky to have her.

I guess I should explain the name. Well, my sister and I used to live together, and my sister's cat at the time, Dyna, escaped one night and came back knocked up. Awesome. Jenn should have gotten the cat spayed in the first place, but what's done is done. Either way, Kitty Kitty was the fruit of those labors and was actually the only kitten of the pregnancy. Not as in the other kittens died. Kitty Kitty was it. She came out - pop - and... nothing else. Done. I guess that is one of the reasons she thinks she's such a special little fart now. hah Well, being that the kitten came of my sister's cat, Jenn named her "Penelo" (any Final Fantasy fans out there?? chirp chirp).

Now, I will say this until I'm blue in the face, but I think that Penelo is one of the stupidest names I've ever heard. Jenn, you know I love you, but really?? Ok. Now that I've allowed myself that moment, let's move on, shall we?

My sister moved out of our house and got her own place, but I had grown fond of Penelo over the few months that she had been alive. In the end, Jenn let me keep her when she moved out. All of this time, I had refused to call her Penelo, but being that she already had a name (no matter how much I hated it) I didn't feel the need to rename her. So instead of an actual name, I called her Kitty Kitty. When Jenn left, the name stuck, and voila! Kitty Kitty it is!

She's a cuddlebug at night and likes nothing more than for me to rub her face and her little butt button (You know, that place on a cat's haunches that, when touched, makes the cat's back arch, etc... Yeah, that place.). As I said, she can have her mean moments, but they're mostly justified by rude behavior either on my part or my roommates. It's funny, though. She doesn't really lash out at me, but when I put her down on the floor after an unwanted cuddle session, she immediately makes a beeline for the closest cat and attacks him or her with a vengeance unparalleled by even the most fearsome predators. It's pretty hilarious.

Kitty Kitty also wakes me up in the morning around 5am because she's hungry. This video actually covers it pretty well. Except it's not just her. It's all 3 cats, jumping on my bed and rubbing themselves on me. "Wake up!!" they meow mournfully. "We're hungry!" So begrudgingly, I get up and appease them. Then I go back to bed.

Well, that's Kitty Kitty. Next Saturday you'll meet Lily, my sister's cat. She's pretty friggin' adorable.


JujuJuniper said…
Okay, Penelo is a good name. At least it wasn't freaking Diogee or however you were going to spell it. THAT was dumb.

(rant done)
Laura Eno said…
I love cats! I have three, but would probably have twenty if I didn't carefully steer clear of 'I need a home' places.
Stef Howerton said…
Which is why I decided not to name her that... Even though I still think that's pretty funny. And by the way, it was going to be spelled Diogi.
Stef Howerton said…
haha True enough, Laura. I have the same problem, except it's with not only cats but dogs as well... Anything furry and cute, really. Toss in a sad story about a previously neglectful owner, and I'm SOLD. haha

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