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Soul Searching ... Kind Of.

So I was watching a video that an acquaintance of mine posted on his blog (He's a blogger and a video blogger.) about his experience coming out to his family and friends in high school, and it got me thinking. One of the things that he said was - and this is a paraphrase - "The fact that I liked guys was so normal to me, such an integral part of who I was, that it didn't make sense to me that people hated me for it." (P.S. Another great blog to visit: explain.html) And here I am, the result of an incredibly right-winged environment, pondering and even being embarrassed by this thought. I swear, if my grandmother knew my thoughts on this subject, she would run over here and give me a good ear lashing, God love her. But therein lies the rub. I can remember when I was as close-minded as she is. Most specifically, I remember in high school - I can't remember exactly when - a friend of mine at the time cam