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There Are No Words... I Thought We Were Moving Past This

Just watch. I think the video speaks for itself. How on earth can people still believe this way? I honestly can't come up with anything to say. I am so SHOCKED that this belief is being passed on to later generations. It's sickening, and I just ... I just can't even talk about this anymore. There are no words. And to think we have an African American president, now. I was not a supporter of Obama. I didn't vote for him, but I do know that America took a great, momentous step for equal rights, but we have people like these ignorant, sick people that make us take another step backward.

The Sex Talk ... From a Virgin??? Wha wha WHAAATT?

Aiya, it's been a while. I haven't written a gosh darn thing since January 20th. Reprehensible, I say! Especially since I've been planning to write more on here this year. Way to go, Stef, for keeping your New Years' Resolutions. Oh well... I'll get better........ maybe. :) I do have something that I feel is important to write about, however, which is why I'm here! :) I'm 22 years old, and I'm a virgin, a fact that I am extremely proud of in this day and age. Some people get really antsy in admitting the fact that they are a virgin, but I would willingly shout it from the top of the flat iron building in NYC were I given the chance. I understand that I'm a rarity among my demographic, but I also understand that, while some people admire me for sticking with my choice, others think that I am stupid or crazy. I'm ok with that. It's my personal choice, and I have no reason to change it just because the majority of America's populace doe