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I'm a Bit Silly

Today was probably one of the most unproductive days of my life. Well, no. I can't say that. I DID work today. But when I wasn't working, I was either sleeping (I got around 1.5 hours of sleep last night...) or watching an anime called 'Martian Successor Nadesico' (Don't judge...). Didn't do a damn thing. hah In fact, I really shouldn't be blogging right now, but here I am. I don't know how I did it, but in the course of 2 days, I managed to completely screw up my sleep pattern. I think I'll just have to try to sleep tonight for a few hours and then deal with being a little sleepy tomorrow during class. I can do that. It's going to suck, but it will help me get my sleep pattern back in order. I hate it when I do this to myself. I am, by rote, a "night person," and I'm more prone to be active and awake in the evening than I am in the morning or even during the day. Either way... Time to get sleeping back to normal. :) Now about Nad

Musings... Ravings... New Years Resolutions... and a Recommendation

Happy New Year! I can't believe it's 2009 already. Holy crap. Why is my life flashing before my eyes like the swiftly turning pages of a scrap book?? I'd like to take a poll to figure out just how many people blogged for the past few weeks about what things they about their life they have decided to change, in the form of the fated New Years resolutions, this year. I'd like to... but I'm much too lazy to actually organize enough to take said poll... That being said, I'll start out this first entry of the year with my own, adding myself to the steadily growing list of 2009 hopefuls. First and foremost, I want to get back into my relationship with God. Some might view that as hokey or even stupid, but it's something that's been a part of my life since as long as I can remember. Even when I put that relationship on the back burner (which has been happening for, shamefully, a few years, now) He's always been present, and I have been aware of His cons