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There have been more than enough blog entries published on the subject of politics today, but I feel like I should add to the cacophony. I voted for McCain, and I say that proudly. That being said, I'm sure it would be safe to assume that I'm not too happy about the election results. Now, had McCain won, I wouldn't have been too jubilant, either, but I view him as the lesser of the two evils. Part of me didn't want to vote this year. In fact, I contemplated not showing up to the polls. But after some serious thinking, I decided to go if only for the sole fact that I would have no right to complain -- or have any political discussions, even -- were I not to vote. The truth is, I knew Obama was going to win. After 8 years of a Republican-run government, I guess it's only fair to let the Democrats have their day as well. Plus, there was the novelty of having an African American president which, I will admit, is very exciting for our country. Too bad I don't agre