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It's 4:28am, and I'm not sleeping. Not normal. Blargh. Albeit, I'm sitting here with my lovely p.o.s. computer watching an episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Aire on my p.o.s. tv. :) As you can see, p.o.s.'s are a staple in my life. But I'm ok with it. As long as they work, I'm good to go. I've decided that this is the outlook I need as a college student. I grew up pretty much getting everything I ever needed / wanted. Now, don't get me wrong here. My parents definitely set the line of what I could and couldn't have, but I never wanted for anything growing up. Thanks, parental units. You're pretty chill peeps. I learned in coming to college, however, that such a lifestyle is not only plausible, but it's also ridiculous. Having a $600 camera stolen from me proved that fact REALLY quick. So I keep the cheapest crap I can possibly find.

I've been really busy. I know, I say this every time there's a big chunk of time between posts. That's my life, I guess. Should I fill my readers in (I like pretending that people actually read this blog... For heavens sake, I'm positive no one does, yet I still write........)?

Well, I finished the spring semester and passed all of my classes. Woohoo. Granted, I got a couple of C's, but... that semester was REALLY hard for me. I put too much on my plate and didn't know how to deal with it all. My only concern near the end was simply to pass. I don't care what my grade was. Well, I have to maintain above a 3.0 for my scholarship, but I'm doing fine with that. Either way, I passed, and it's over. Thank God.

I worked for a few weeks, and then started school all over again for the summer semester. Apparently, I just can't stop. Sighhhh... As far as those classes went, I did swimmingly. All A's and B's, a-thank you very much! :) I even passed my piano proficiency a semester early, and, as a result, I don't have to take Piano 4. Glorious! BUT I do have to take another instrument class in order to graduate. I was thinking the marimba. It's set up like a piano, so it can't be THAT hard... right? (I'll be ready to stick my foot in my mouth, I guess.)

Meanwhile, one of my roommates (my sister, actually) informs me that she will be moving out come July 15th when our lease ends. She let me know around May-ish, so I had plenty of time to find a replacement. I actually had a close friend from school that filled the spot almost immediately, so that was all peachy-keen. THEN... My other roommate informed me that he would be moving out when the lease ended as well... Except he let me know around, oh, 2 and 1/2 weeks before the lease was going to go caput. Thankfully, he agreed to pay for the full month of August, which was awfully nice of him. Needless to say, though, I needed to fill his spot quickly. Thus my frantic jaunt across the internet and onto the craigslist website began. It started out... well... Let's just say it started out. I met with some very nice people who seemed interested, but upon mention of any lease whatsoever, every single one of them widened their eyes in fear and ran for cover. I don't know, but when I see an ad for a house, I'm going to assume that there's going to be a lease involved. It just didn't make sense to me that every single person I talked to wanted a lease-free renting environment. I even put it in the ad, and people either didn't read it or didn't fully understand it... Which... Well, I'll just leave it at that. After a few more duds, I finally find a roommate. Not only that, but he has a friend that he is currently living with that is wondering if he could convert our unused study into a small bedroom. So, having four people live here makes it that much easier come rent-paying time. They moved in around the 20th of July. The annoying part, though, was that neither my sister nor my other roommate moved out when they said they would (Some of my sister's stuff is still chilling out in our dining room, even! I'm charging her for storage costs. teehee), so when the guys and my friend moved in, there was still a bunch of shit hanging around. I was really embarrassed, but most of it's gone, thank God. So 3 roommates. Everything is lovely in that department.

In July I started working at a church Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. I sing in the choir. :) It's a wonderful job. I mean, not a lot of churches pay their choir, but I get paid $30 every time we meet (so that's $60/week for you non-mathletes). It's a nice side-income and definitely helps to pay the bills. The company is also awesome. Several of the other people in the choir are Belmont students, and the rest are a bunch of old people with better senses of humor than most contemporary comics. It's great. For example:

There's a little old man named Leonard who wears hearing aids that he sometimes forgets to turn on. He came up to me one day while I was drinking a Barq's Root Beer out of a can. He says, "You know, if you keep drinking out of them aluminum cans, you're going to get what I got." I kind of cocked my head to the side and said, "What did you get?" He paused for a second, chuckled at himself, and then said, "A drink." Now, I know that's corny as hell, but coming from Leonard it was hilarious. The man talks rarely, but whenever he does talk, it's something completely off the wall like that. He never fails to make me laugh.

Now on to this fall. I'm hoping that it will be much easier than the Spring semester. Granted I'll be working 3 jobs (Belmont Bookstore for 8 hours/week, the church, and the theater on weekends), but I think I'll be fine because I'm only taking 14 credit hours (That, of course, means around 20 total hours with all of my non-credit classes and so on... Oh, the wonders of being a classical voice performance major...) compared to last semester's 17 (aka 25).

My schedule is as follows:
Harmony III (Theory) -- MWF 9-10am
BOOKSTORE (WORK) -- MW 10am-12pm and F 10am-12pm & 2-4pm
Ear Training III -- TR 10-11am
Speech -- TR 11am-12:15pm
French -- MWF 1-2pm
Vocal Seminar -- R 1-2pm
Opera Theatre -- M 5:30-8:30pm, TR 3-5pm
Oratorio Chorus -- W 3-5pm
CHURCH (WORK) -- W 7-8pm and Su 9:45-11:15am
THEATER (WORK) -- F 5~11pm, S 4~11pm, and Su 3~11pm

So, on Mondays I'm at Belmont from 9am-8:30pm. That's my long day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm there from 10am-5pm. Not too shabby. Wednesdays are 9am-5pm, and Fridays are 9am-2pm. That's my favorite day. It's going to be lovely. Another good thing is that all of my classes are spread out nicely. I have at least an hour break between each class. That's good, eh? I think I'll be golden. I just can't dawdle. The fall semester is slower than the spring, anyway. It's all good. :) I'm positive.

In other news, Brandon (the boyfriend) and I are doing well. He's being such a trooper with the no sex thing. It just makes me feel valued that he finds me good enough to wait for. :) And everyone likes feeling valued! I don't know. I have a really good feeling about him. No, I have a good feeling about us. It won't be happening until after I graduate, but I'm thinking the familiar ping of bells might be in our future. We'll see. Maybe that's just wishful thinking.

It's weird. I've never been one to look fondly on the thought of marriage. In fact, I frowned upon it. It wasn't for me, I had no need for it, I'm happy being single... etc. You know, all of those excuses we make up to help ourselves past the pain of feeling like that one person doesn't exist for you. We've all been there. I even went as far as to refuse to think about my future wedding. Even now I don't have any clue about what my dream wedding would be. Honestly, as long as I'm walking to my fiancee in a white dress while being watched tearful family members I'm fine. I don't need fancy. Heck, I don't even need a ring. I'm pretty easy to please. :) I was talking to a friend about it, and she thought that was one of the most bizarre things she had ever heard. "But every little girl dreams about her big day!" she said. I had to agree with her there. "Yeah," I said, "But that all depends on what her big day is. For me, I imagine getting paid to perform a role on the Met stage. That's my big day." That made her laugh. I guess I'm just wired differently. Either that or my priorities aren't the same as most girls. Oh well. I'm ok with it. :)

Actually... Scratch that... Partially. I was looking at rings the other day, and I found a ring set that I absolutely adore. It's so beautiful. But I still maintain that a ring does not make a marriage, and my purposes do not call for one in the event that I get married. It's a nice formality, but it's not necessary. If I MUST get a ring, then all I want is something with the tiniest diamond available. If I do end up marrying Brandon, I'm sure that will make him quite happy. hehe

So here's an unofficial (and unfortunately unpaid) plug for Go there. It's a really cool site. I made several ringtones with their nifty ringtone-maker and then sent them to my phone. The site allows you to cut your own ringtone up to thirty seconds of the song of your choice (You upload it from your computer onto the website.). After you've chosen your desired clip, you can then send it directly to your phone via a picture message, and voila! Ringtones galore! And it's all FREE, which is music to my poor-ass ears. I've added it as a link to this post. Visit at your own free will.

There's so much more on which I could type, but I'm afraid this particular post has reached it's maximum length.

Au revoir, my dears, and have a pleasant day.


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