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Apparently, a Mass Wedding Memo Was Sent to All but Me...

I don't get it. I'm 21. I shouldn't be worried about marriage, should I? I shouldn't feel the pressure to get engaged ASAP. So why am I feeling it? I'll tell you why. EVERYONE THAT I KNOW FROM HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE IS EITHER ENGAGED OR MARRIED! How did this happen? It was all at once, too. A wedding here, an engagement there (soon to be followed by another wedding, of course)... It's just crazy. As I said in the title of this blog, I feel like every single person in my life was sent a memo saying the following: This year is the year for marriage! Men, propose to your women now! Women, if your men are shy, surprise him with a dash of gumption and pop the question yourself!! :-D If you don't have a significant other, then go out and find one! (P.S. Don't let Stefanie know. It would be rather humorous to see how she reacts to a sudden onslaught of engagements.) Heck, even as I write this, The Wedding Date is playing on TBS. The world has gone mad wit


It's 4:28am, and I'm not sleeping. Not normal. Blargh. Albeit, I'm sitting here with my lovely p.o.s. computer watching an episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Aire on my p.o.s. tv. :) As you can see, p.o.s.'s are a staple in my life. But I'm ok with it. As long as they work, I'm good to go. I've decided that this is the outlook I need as a college student. I grew up pretty much getting everything I ever needed / wanted. Now, don't get me wrong here. My parents definitely set the line of what I could and couldn't have, but I never wanted for anything growing up. Thanks, parental units. You're pretty chill peeps. I learned in coming to college, however, that such a lifestyle is not only plausible, but it's also ridiculous. Having a $600 camera stolen from me proved that fact REALLY quick. So I keep the cheapest crap I can possibly find. I've been really busy. I know, I say this every time there's a big chunk of time between posts. That'