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I've already talked about my schedule this summer and fall, but I guess now I should go over the career changes going on in my life. Don't be too alarmed, opera is still the ultimate goal for me. To pay the bills, though, I have to do something...

First off is the movie theater : Regal Entertainment Group Green Hills 16. I've been working there since early January, and it's a pretty easy job. Granted, it's corporate, so I'm not too fond of that aspect, but in comparison to other corporate jobs I've had (cough cough Borders cough cough) it's a breeze. The managers are really easy to get along with, and they're understanding. None of them really have sticks stuck up their butt, so that's a plus as well. Anyways, though... I've done well there. I mean, I was awarded their Star Performer of the Month (aka Employee of the Month) my first full month there (February), so... yeah. That, of course, also had to deal with the fact that the people I worked with at the time were unwashed miscreants who didn't want to do a lick of work. So comparatively, I was an exemplary worker. Now, I'm not demeaning myself. I work hard, and I get done what needs to be done. But I view it this way. They're paying me by the hour to do really easy work, and it's work that makes the day go by really quickly, so who am I to complain?

A few weeks ago, I saw that there was a posting in the break room notifying all employees that the theater was looking for shift leaders (otherwise referred to as Supervisors in the normal world, but... corporate doesn't want us to call the position by that title...). So I'm sitting there, thinking... Well, it would look good on my resume... And it would mean extra money, because I'd get a raise for the promotion. I turned in my resume and was called in for an interview, and this past weekend, I was notified that I was chosen for the position. Wahooey! I'll get a pay raise, and I'll be working there 4 nights a week. The job isn't all that difficult. It's pretty much doing what I was doing already, managing employees and making sure they're doing their jobs. I mean, I wasn't in charge or anything, but when a manager wasn't present, I'd make sure that the silly little high schoolers weren't being lazy. haha So yeah. I have a meeting this Thursday with the other shift leaders to go over the job responsibilities and what our exact position entails. It'll be good, I think. The funny thing is, during my interview for the shift leader position, the two managers interviewing me -- Jarred and Cameo -- asked if I was interested in applying for 1 of the 2 management positions open, and I flatly told them, "no." I have neither the time nor the energy to devote to a management position there, and I also don't want to accept a position in which I'll get stuck whether or not it looks good on my resume. Don't get me wrong. The people that manage the theater are stand-up people. I just don't want to be stuck at the theater for the rest of my life when I have different aspirations. I want to perform for people. It's who I am. I just don't see myself working at a "normal" job for the rest of my days on Earth. Blah. Now, that's fine for some people, and I'm not saying my way is any better... I just adapt to the performance environment much better than I do to any other.

Moving on...

Secondly, I started working this past Wednesday at the West Nashville Cumberland Presbyterian Church as a soprano in the church choir. It's probably one of the easiest jobs I've ever had. I show up on Wednesdays, sing for an hour, come back on Sunday, sing and listen to the pastor for an hour, and then I'm done. And it pays $30 every time we meet. So that's $60/wk. AWESOME. More moolah for Stef!

Now on to the third and last career opportunity. Back in high school, the fine arts department was pretty close knit. Well, to be completely honest, the whole school was close knit (I mean, my graduating class consisted of maybe 75 people). We all knew each other really well, and we all did shows with each other every year. In the end, we were one large family, teachers and their families included. This past weekend, while I was working at the theater, I ran into my theater teacher (Mrs. Paula Flautt) and her husband (Joe). We did a quick little 'Hi, how are you?' along with the obligatory life update and so on. I had to get to work, but they asked for my e-mail address before they left, and then my night went on. Woohoo. Today, I was checking my e-mail, and I see a new message from Joe Flautt. My first reaction is Oh, Mrs. Flautt must be seeing if I want to get together sometime. She had expressed an interest in hearing my "stories" from New York and Belmont, so I just assumed she had used her husband's e-mail account to see if I was free sometime this week. I open the e-mail, and it's actually from her husband, asking me to call him back, because he "has a ?" I called him, and he proceeds to ask me if I'm looking for any ways to make some extra money during the summer and fall. I say, "Oh, of course. I'm always looking for ways to make more money," and then he asks to meet with me tomorrow at Panera Bread to "run an idea by [me]." It was kind of random, but whatever. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. I told my mom about it, and I don't remember what he does for a living, but mom thinks that he does something in the music business. But yeah... As I said, we'll see.

That's pretty much the basis of my life right now. I don't know if I have enough time to be doing all three jobs PLUS school, but... it depends on the frequency of whatever Joe's "idea" is. If it's something that I do several times a week, I might have to drop the theater. That kind of freaks me out, because I'm doing so well there. But I'm counting my eggs before they hatch. I won't know anything until 4pm tomorrow, and it might even be one of those every so often types of things... We'll see.

Time for me to go. Bye.


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