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I've Got to Fix Myself Before I Can Affect Others

This next year is going to be focused on me. As selfish as that seems, it's not unfounded. I haven't thought about me in quite a long time, and it's high time I get healthy, both physically and emotionally. I need a much stronger relationship with God (Heck, I need a relationship period with Him.), and I need to really focus on my mental health. Now, I'm nowhere Crazy-ville, but I wouldn't be surprised if I became one of those little old ladies from the horror stories who goes nuts and kills all her neighbors after their dog pees on her lawn. I've always been aware of it, but I've never done anything about it. I recently had an epiphany (spawned by some not-so-healthy discoveries I made about myself), and I 've decided to spend next year not trying to end world hunger or war. I've got to fix myself before I can affect anyone else. So that's the plan. Get closer with God, take care of myself, and be happy. That's all of my resolutions in a q

One of the Funniest Things I've Seen

OK, so there's this show called Extras, and it chronicles an actor's ( Gervais from The Office-- original British version) movement through several films as extra parts, and he goes around sort of interviewing the actors in the leading roles. For example, the first clip I have posted on here is Sir Ian McKellen playing himself. Ricky Gervais is auditioning for a role named John, and Sir Ian McKellen is auditioning him. Just watch it. The second clip is with Patrick Stewart. Ricky goes to Patrick Stewart's trailer to pass a copy of his sitcom script in hopes that he'll give it to a contact or something, but it ends out with Patrick telling him about a current writing job that he is doing involving naked women. And you wonder why I love these 2 men. They are, by far, the best actors out there to date. Brilliance. If I ever end up writing a screen play, I'll definitely be writing characters specifically for them. hehe ~Stef

Possible Change of Scenery Come Fall '09

I know, I know... That's not next year, that's the year AFTER. Why must I be one of those people who likes to have long-term plans and goals? If it were up to me, I'd know exactly what I would be doing October 28th, 2015. Sadly, though, I am not able to predict the future. In any case, I am thinking about transferring to another school for the first semester of my Jr. year. I like Belmont. I do. But the opera program is, at best, lacking. I just feel that I'd do best somewhere where there were people as-- devoted is the only word coming to mind, but it's not the right word-- "devoted" as I am to opera performance. Keep in mind that this plan is still in the egg. It's not even hatched, yet. It could end out that I stay at Belmont until I graduate and then move on to another establishment for my Masters. We'll see. All I know is that I don't think I'll really get much experience here. It's only been one semester; I could be reading what