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Fugitive Safe 'Surrendr' Next Exit

I'm driving along I-40, and as I near my exit to turn onto Fessler's Ln., I notice a blinking sign on the side of the road that reads as follows, spelling error and all: "FUGITIVE SAFE SURRENDR NEXT EXIT." Naturally, I get a little worried. Is there some serial killer loose near my apartment? Is it safe to take the exit toward my apartment? It also doesn't help that about a week ago I heard a definite gun shot followed after a few minutes by police sirens close to my apartment. That made me feel really safe. Awesome. I called my dad, and he said that they're doing this new thing where they're creating safe places for fugitives from the law to "surrendr." I guess I understand that, but... It still makes me feel a little uneasy. Why choose a mere 4 miles away from my apartment for criminals to turn themselves into the law? I mean, don't get me wrong. Good for them for making that choice to accept the consequences for their actions, but I want it several miles away from me, preferably on the other side of the city. But being that the other side of the city is west Nashville (aka little blue haired old ladies and the nuevo riche), I don't think that would ever happen.

My time clock is really thrown off. I'm, by nature, a night owl, so I just like staying up late and waking up around midday. Call it laziness if you will, but... that's just the way I am. Anyway, though, it's 3:30am, and I've not gotten tired, yet. I stayed up until 5:30am early yesterday morning talking to my sister, and I have a feeling the same is going to happen tonight. I could try to stay up until tonight, but I know myself. It wouldn't happen. Around 9 or 10am I would crash and fall asleep. And then I wouldn't wake up until 3pm, which would further screw up my sleeping habits. I guess after I finish writing this I'll force myself to sleep... that is, if I can.

I was watching TV, and this preview popped up for a Lord of the Rings meets King Arthur type movie. At first I was uninterested. And then Colin Firth popped up on screen, and my heart did a little flip-flop movement. You know the move I'm talking about, girls. Well, anyway, his presence in the movie definitely changed my mind, and come August 17th, I will probably be in the movie theaters watching my favorite British man in The Last Legion.

Speaking of movies, there are so many in the theaters as well as coming to the theaters that I want to see. And there are also tons that I have not yet seen that are now on DVD. Now that I've cancelled my NetFlix account, I simply don't have access to movies like I once did. I don't like it at all. I mean, I haven't seen Transformers, Spiderman 3, Knocked Up, etc. I did see the Simpsons Movie, but that was only because my friend, Alison, had access to some free tickets to a pre-showing of it. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have gone. I miss movies!!! If only I were rich and able to go to any movie I wished. Oh well, too bad, I guess. I'll just have to live with it and pray that I get money somehow someday.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is probably the most messed up show I've ever seen. What a load of freaking acid trippy crap. I beg your pardon, those of you that like and watch that show, but honestly. It's so horribly wrong on so many levels. Gracious. I seriously feel that, in order to understand the show, I need to take a hit of LSD or sniff a large quantity of cocaine. I'd rather just watch Scrubs, thank you.

Well, I believe it's that time.

Au revoir and peace out, yo. :)



S.S. said…
I love how you write it like they were like "where should we put our fugitive safe surrendr point?"
"Let's think..."
"I've got it! Stefanie Howerton's apartment!"
"Of course!"
"Off! To the surrendrmobile!!"

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