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Mr. Potter, Work, &... Work.

I'd never before witnessed the Harry Potter Craze, so I thought this past Friday evening would be a good chance for me to check it out. Not only did I check it out, but I also became completely sick of it by night's end. It just doesn't make sense to me. First off, the books really aren't that great. Secondly, I find Harry completely nauseating. He's a whiny prepubescent little boy, and I have absolutely no use for him. Be that as it may, there were several hundred people crammed into the relatively small space that comprises the Borders at Brentwood (you know, the one on Franklin Rd. next to Chick-Fil-A and whatnot?). People were dressed up, Gryffindor scarves and all, to celebrate the release of the final installment of the Harry Potter series. Now, I was there because I was helping out a bit at Borders. They needed some extra people, and I was free, so... There I was! In the few hours I was there, I was reminded of all of the reasons I chose to stop working there, and I'm very glad that I have another job that I actually ENJOY. That's big. Anyways, back to the task at hand: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows release party at the Borders at Brentwood. As I said, people were all dressed up as characters (some of them even insignificant little characters no-one remembers except for the psychologically insane) and were all boisterous and excited about getting their grubby little fingers on the first shipment of books. Now, I would probably act the same way if there was a release party for The Count of Monte Cristo, but... Then again, that's me. I'm a bit of a dork, and I fully accept that. Throughout the night, some of the staffers (one of them being me) walked around the store holding baskets full of free goodies like "Snape is loyal," stickers, or "Snape will betray" stickers, or even Borders glow-stick necklaces. You see, we ran out of $5.99 HP wands, so we started giving out glow-stick necklaces. Shh, don't tell anyone, but I took one for myself. :-D teehee I'm such a bad girl. Moving on... Whenever I walked around, people would practically run me down grabbing at what I had in my basket. C'mon people! They're STICKERS! Silly, insignificant, little stickers! And the glow-sticks weren't even HP related!! Now, that, my friends, is what we call stupid. Learn from it, and don't ever do it again. Now, I know I sound like an aggravated bitch who's PMS-ing, but... You know what? It wasn't all that horrible. It was actually kind of fun making fun of all the HP-heads. I thankfully got to leave at midnight, because I had work at the Farm the next morning at 8:45am. That was fun, let me tell you... At midnight, a group of Borders staff walked from the back of the store holding a single copy of the book. Imagine the scene, if you will: a group of around 7 or 8 people marching from the back of a people-filled store to the front registers holding a single book. Now, that's just silly. I must say I had a hearty laugh at that one. Oh, America, you never fail to amuse me. But hey, I'm sure it was no better in the UK. I mean, Harry does hail from those parts. I guess I should be saying, "Oh, Earth, you never fail to amuse me," but I don't think that's really applicable as starving children in Africa probably don't really care about the release of a new book. I think they'd want food more. Maybe that's just me being silly, though...........

There was a fun little up-side to the night, though. A small group of people were going around taping random customers. They eventually came up to me, and asked me if I minded them asking me a few questions. I was fine with it, so on the camera went, and suddenly I was thrust into this hilarious improv interview. He started asking me if I had any magical merchandise in my little basket of tricks, and I said, "Certainly! What's a Harry Potter reveal without some magic??" He then had me explain some of the magical items, which I did pretty well for having not been in an improv situation since AMDA. It started off a little rocky, but I was having a ball by the end. It was just so fun to make fun of the HP-heads. There was even one point where the guy asked me, "You do realize that all of this stuff is fake, right? You know it's not real?" I sighed for a moment and said, "You know. I have realized that, and I must admit... A little piece of me died when I figured it out. Now I cry myself to sleep at night." And we went off that a little, and then the interview was over. Oh, how I miss the acting life.

Now on to my other work. As you know, I am working at The Farm @ Natchez Trace (It's not really at Natchez Trace, but... whatever... It's close enough.), and my manager, Cogie (She's from Ireland; don't question the name.) is on va-cay visiting her homeland across the pond. Now, this would have been fine with me if she hadn't decided to go ahead and change my work schedule to my school schedule a month early so that she wouldn't have to deal with it when she got back. As of this week, I'm only working 16 hours/ week. That SUCKS. So hopefully I'll be able to figure something else out to bring in some income. Because 16 hrs/week is not going to cut it. Maybe while I'm in school... but until then I'm screwed.

I did some search on (Thank you, God, for that site.), and I found a guy who is looking for a pet sitter, so... hopefully that will work out. I sent him an e-mail, and I hope to hear from him soon. Please, please, Jesus. He lives near West End and Vandy, which would be ideal during the school year... Let's pray this works out!!

OK. It's 3am. I need to sleep. The one good thing about not having to work every day is that you can pretty much sleep in to whenever you want. Actually, that can be either a good thing or a bad thing... depending on how you look at it, that is.

Oh, before I go. My cat is horny because she hasn't gotten spayed, yet... And she's LOUD. Whenever I even come close to her, she sticks her butt up in hopes that I'll stick my phallus (the one that I don't have, that is) into her. Stupid, idiotic cat. Anyone want her?? She's still up for adoption!!



Rachel Claire said…
This made me laugh so hard. I was one of those people all dressed up. Ah jeez.

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