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So... I'm Too Lazy To Think of a Title... Shoot Me.

So a lot of stuffage has gone down in the life of Stefanie in the past week or so.

First things first: Borders, Inc. "let me go." HAH! Now, my manager specified to me that this is only temporary, being that they were asked to cut 100 hours from their schedule time. She also said that the 100 hours that the were asked to cut are probably going to be reinstated in around 6 weeks. Well... I'll be in school. Sorry, buckos! The thing is, I was pretty much on the verge of quitting anyway (Jon, you can kiss my ass!!), but that's another story entirely that requires much more time than I have accessible to me right at this point in time. So now I'm free on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays... which is actually kind of cool. Granted, I'm not making near as much money as I should, but I'm sure that will be remedied soon. I have a couple of ideas that I'm muddling over. We shall see, methinks.

Second things second: Orientation for Belmont (aka Towering Traditions) is tomorrow and the day after. Whoopdeedoo. The thing is... Yes, it's a good thing to do... But, you see, I've been hanging around Belmont since I got into Vision my Sophomore year of high school (That would be 5 years ago, folks.), and I know my way around. I know the buildings; I know the residence halls; I know Belmont. Blahhhh... And plus, all of my classmates are 18 years old. I turn 21 this November. Oi. I feel like this isn't going to be all that great, because I'm older, you know? They're going to be all excited being away from the 'rents, and I'm thinking it's going to be AMDA all over again. And just to let you know, AMDA wasn't all that great of an experience (Pearson, you can kiss my ass, too!!). Being constantly surrounded by 18 year olds gone crazy is not my idea of a good time. Sure, it's really fun to laugh at them from a completely unattached point of view, but when you're the designated driver all the time... It gets really old really fast. So there we have it. Orientation tomorrow and the next day. Blahdeeblah. I can only hope that I'm wrong. But I'm pretty sure I'm not, unfortunately. But hey! Maybe I'll meet some fellow classical voice students!! We are few and far between, but we are hardy folk! teehee (I don't know why, but I'm in the mood to watch Lord of the Rings, now.)

Thirdly: It looks like, come this August 14th, I'll be making my way down to Atlanta, GA to take part once again in the American Idol tryouts. haha I know. Ridiculous, right? But here's the thing: I had such a great time last season that... why not, you know? It was fun! It was kind of like a vacation away from life for a little bit just so I could indulge in a guilty pleasure of mine. Sure I didn't get past the first level, but it was just such a good time. Good company, mostly. Right now, I'm looking for people who would like to go with me. :) So... If you want to join, give me a holler at! :) I swear, it's really fun. And I know now how best to be prepared for mass crowds, why it's not a good idea to be the first in line, and so on and so forth. I'm bursting with information! haha Plus, a couple of days in Atlanta can't be all that bad. For those of you that are "haters," can it. Boo on you. Don't hate on a girl for wanting to do something fun every once in a while. haha I can't believe I just used the phrase "don't hate." Shoot me, now, please.

Fourthly: I need to go see 1 of 2 doctors (possibly both!). 1-- Ear, Nose, & Throat or 2-- Allergist. Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. I think that, when I moved away to NY for 2 years, I lost all of the walls I had set up against normal TN allergies (Trust me, guys... We have every single allergy in abundance here.), and now I'm paying for it. I come home, and all of the sudden I wake up every morning with a dry/sore throat and mucus out the wazoo. I sneeze frequently throughout the day, my eyes are watery... The list goes on. So yes. Stefanie needs to go say hello to her local ENT or Allergist. I'm not going to the Vanderbilt vocal clinic, because in order to get a routine check-up it's along the lines of $1500. No, thank you. I'll go see you if I have a node or something serious.

Um... That's all I can think of for now. This blog may be amended. Maybe not, though. It all depends on my mood.



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