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All By My Onesies

So I am really proud of myself today. :) I put up a shelving unit on my wall ALL BY MY ONESIES! :) It looks kind of like the picture on the right, except that the two panels behind the shelves are metal... and the wood is a dark brown... mahogany, maybe... Anyways, though, I put them up all by myself, and I'm very excited. I'm a handy-woman!!! I mean, it involved using a drill and everything, and I did it! Go Stef, right?

Now all I have to do s commandeer the planks of wood that Mam-maw (my grandmother) has in her back yard from when they took her old deck down and made a new one. I'm going to have this pretty massive, 4-tier, backless bookshelf (that is easy to take apart and cart around where needed) along the wall opposite my bed (and new shelves!!! teehee). It's pretty much going to be the shit.


Holy crap, listen to me. I'm getting excited over BOOKSHELVES! haha You know you're a geek when... :) Oh well. Hey, at least I'm doing something to keep me occupied while I'm in the apartment instead of spending all of my time on the computer/TV. Good for me! What I'm mainly excited about, though, is that I'm going to have a place to put my mass quantity of books. Trust me, I have a plethora of books. I could rent out books like a library, and everyone that came to me would be satisfied with my collection... except maybe goth people. I don't really have any books that would interest them, I think. I have fictional books, religious books, how-to books... I have it all! And it keeps on growing! hahaha What I love about that is that by the time I'm old and decrepit I want to have an entire room-- one that seriously has no wall space because of all of the shelves-- filled with books. It would be the ultimate of all home libraries. Heck, maybe I could even have a couple of rooms... OK, that's enough of my geekiness. :)

I chose the job at The Farm. I know, I know... The CompUSA job would have been much more lucrative, but honestly, I don't think that will be a problem. It's going to be a weekend job, so that's actually pretty ideal for during the school year. I can go to school and work odd hours during the week at Borders, and during the weekend I can work at The Farm. I like that. :)

I guess I should explain why I chose The Farm. You see, I went there to see how things would work out on Friday (yesterday), and I absolutely LOVED it. I enjoyed the day so much, and I was in such a good mood for the rest of the day. Everyone there is really nice, it's a really relaxed environment, and it's just fun to be around animals all day. I helped to check in these gorgeous Great Danes, and it was pretty much right then and there that I decided, "OK. Yeah. This is what I want to do." I also really love that it's low stress. That's one thing that I hate about Borders. Everything is so... stressful. I feel if I don't get something done lickety-split that I'll get yelled at for not working quickly enough, or if I stop to have a 5-second (literally) chat with a co-worker that I'll get yelled at for not working. That is just not conducive for a good working environment. I mean, all of the employees are stressed out and paranoid, and the managers are stressed out because all of the employees are angry at them which in turn makes them think that they have to buckle down harder. It's this vicious cycle that is just... horrific. I think I'm going to start looking for other jobs for the week, because I think that even a mere 4 days (Monday through Thursday) will be too much to work at Borders. Alrighty. Maybe instead of that I should try and see how working 4 days at Borders goes... and then I'll make my decision. Whew. I'm Mrs. Thinker McThinkerson today... and that was probably one of the geekier things I've said today. Wow. I'm such a goob. But hey, at least I'm happy!

Here's my question for the day: Why on earth does blogspot allow people to write in Hindi? That doesn't make sense to me. Is Indian such a large part of their demographic that they feel they need to have that in the system? That seems, to me, to be very unlikely. But whatever.




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