Below is a list of my contributions to the FridayFlash hashtag on Twitter. If you've not taken part of it, and you love writing, I very highly suggest it.

What is #FridayFlash, you ask? Go here for all of the information. You can also poke around that site to read all previous submissions.

Untitled - My first attempt at the art that is FridayFlash

"Mommy Dearest" - A nagging mother's work is never done.

"Hell-broth Boil & Bubble" - the power of muffins

"Leaving Behind the Home & the Pain" - deciding when you're ready to move on

"'Til Death Do Us Part" - my submission to the ZombiLuv Flash Fiction Contest

"Raining Rubber Chickens" -  A son must consider his dead mother's request.

"Afternoon Tea" - A woman vows to change her life in a rather extreme way.

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