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2017 - Week 12: Why I Hate Vaping

I'm not a big complainer. If something is going wrong, in that moment I usually seek resolution rather than focus on the actual thing that's going wrong. Now, pending change is a different story and leaves me quivering in a puddle-like mess in some deep, dark corner, but that's another blog for another time.

This past weekend, Goose and I went with a few friends to a barn dance at a place called The Old School Northwest of Nashville. It was fun, albeit a bit muggy due to the rainy weather that evening. The Old School is a farm-to-table restaurant and, from what I was able to see, is a quality establishment. I've made a mental note to go back there so I can try out their full course listings and such.

The barn dance was located outside in a roofed recreation area that, with the use of some well-laced hay bales and other farm-like decor, had the feeling of a rustic barn. It was quaint, adorable, and all around fun.

As stated previously, the weather was pretty muggy due to intermittent showers throughout the day and evening. There was also a fire pit just outside the roofed area that surprisingly was not quenched by the rain. I'm calling it a magical fire pit because it was raining cats and dogs there for a minute before it quieted down.

Throughout the night, I saw little clouds of smoke waft past me, dissipating into the humidity of sweat and dancing bodies, and I thought nothing of them. They were from the fire pit, most likely.

Except they weren't.

First, I started coughing. I thought, Well dang. I must be breathing in too much of that fire smoke
Then, the coughing escalated. It wasn't just your run-of-the-mill, fire pit smoke cough. It was an allergy cough. Damn.

This was followed by hives, redness, and itchiness that can only be described as tiny little bugs crawling all over you nonstop.

I was clearly having an allergic reaction to something, but I couldn't figure out what it was. I'm not a sensitive person for the most part, and I only really have allergies to 2 things: latex and nicotine. I had noticed (and smelled) a man smoking a cigarette earlier in the evening, but that was only for a few minutes. I've had allergic reactions to cigarette smoke before, but that was only after prolonged exposure in a closed environment. Hell, this place had no walls.

The itching and coughing got worse, so I begrudgingly told Goose that I most likely needed to get out. We were having a really good time, and I was ruining it with my dumb body's reaction to dumb things. Goose was a good sport, though, and took me to CVS on the way home for Benadryl and Advil.

On our way out, however, I walked past a woman who was smoking a vape like it was her own personal oxygen tank.

Flipping excellent.

And those clouds of smoke that I had been noticing earlier? They weren't from the fire pit. Oh no. They were from her exhalations. And the way that the wind was blowing ended up floating all of those nicotine particles directly where I was hanging out most of the time.

SIDE NOTE: For those of you who are crying, "but vaporizers don't put any nicotine into the air upon exhalation!!! It's just water vapor!!!" I'll tell you what. Whoever told you that was lying to sell you one. Want proof?

Here ya go. And here. And here. Oh, and here too.

Also, for proof, see this photo taken of my arm the next morning below.

This rash was all. over.
Every. Inch. Of. My. Body.
ADDITIONAL SIDE NOTE: You do realize that, by vaporizing, you're slowly waterboarding yourself, right? Vapor is what? Water. You're breathing water. I will never understand why anyone 1) smokes or 2) vapes, pretending that it's a better alternative to smoking. Just stop smoking for Christ's sake!!

Ok, that's enough of my soapbox. I'm really cranky, itchy, and uncomfortable, and everyone is subject to my wrath right now.

Seriously, though. Stop smoking. Just stop. It's not doing any good to anyone, including yourself.



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