2017 - Week 9: I Don't Understand "Butt People"

I have, for as long as I can remember, never understood the human fascination with butts.

"Oh, I'm a major butt man. I mean, look at those cheeks."

"She got dumps like a truck, truck, truck..."

"Oh, my god, Becky, look at her butt."

I assume my confusion is due in part to the fact that I grew up with a Colon & Rectal Surgeon as a father and saw many a diagram or x-ray of gastroenterology-related fun. Actually, perhaps that's where most of my confusion comes from. #ThanksDad

When you get down to it, though, why is the butt viewed as a sexual object? We defecate from there, and it is simply 2 slabs of fat designed to make sitting comfortable. Seriously. Imagine trying to sit without a butt. It would be awful.

And yet here we are, sexualizing that. WHY?
It makes no sense to me.

Granted, I have my own preferred body parts (I love a good, strong pair of shoulders and a well-defined forearm... don't ask. I can't explain it.), so I can't really throw any stones here. But this has always been something that has confused the everloving crap out of me (pun absolutely intended), and I have yet to receive an answer that I deem sensible.

So here I am, posing the question to all readers of this humble little blog:

Do you like butts? Can you lie about them?
If you do like them, why?
If you don't, what part of the body turns you on?

I'm so sincerely interested.


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