M83 - Midnight City

This week's Music Discovery Sunday is M83's Midnight City, a song that was introduced to me last year, back when the movie Warm Bodies came out.

SIDE NOTE: If you haven't seen that movie, do so. I also highly recommend reading the book as well.

It's a really catchy song that perfectly blends such genres as shoegaze, New Wave, and dream pop, and I can't stop hitting the repeat button.

Another cool thing about the song is the music video. It is the first in a trilogy of music video releases (the 2nd being Reunion and the 3rd being Wait).

The story begins when a group of telekinetic children escape from what appears to be a facility built to experiment on them and their talents.

Take a look at the video below and let me know what you think!

It has also been brought to my attention that the 3rd song in the trilogy, Wait, was featured in the film The Fault in Our Stars, based off of John Green's novel of the same name. I didn't see it, but pre-teen girls the world over seem to think it's pretty amazing, so why the Hell not? The more publicity this band gets, the better!



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