Exercise #215: The Big Three

Hyperbole & a Half is the best. Ever.

Quick! List the three biggest things you are procrastinating on right now. How does each one feel to you? Make a simile. 

Example: I am procrastinating on writing my will. Simile: It feels to me like a giant boulder covered in Velcro.

1,2,3, GO!

1. Writing a closing essay for my TEFL certification

SIMILE: It feels like a mountain of paperwork written in Latin.
2. Going through my worldly possessions and getting rid of them before my move in February.

SIMILE: It feels like a never-ending, circular riptide, pulling me further away from the beach by the second.

3. Doing my laundry.

SIMILE: It feels like 2 tons of manure. Seriously. I did lots of manual labor last week for my work's move, and buddy... WHOOOOOOO, did I break a sweat. Not to mention the concrete cement dust. Not entirely sure how that's going to work out in my washer, but we're about to find out!!

What did you come up with?



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