Reason #92356829 Why I Never, EVER, Want to Be President

You've all seen it blasted across the news. James Foley has been murdered by ISIS, and they uploaded a video showing them do it. As someone who was stupid and morbidly curious enough to click on the link, I implore you,

I cannot stress this enough.

It is not worth your time, and it is exactly what ISIS wants. Just... don't watch it. Please.

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with the news and constant reminders of how human being are awful, terrible monsters, James Foley was an American photojournalist who has been MIA since November 22nd, 2012. 

Well, he's no longer missing. 

The video referenced above was released on Tuesday of this past week, and it clearly shows Foley being coerced to kneel and read a script that ultimately lead to his tragic demise. The person standing next to him has a British accent, is covered from head to toe in black, and is absolutely and utterly ruthless. I would suffice to say that a soul does not inhabit that body and hasn't for a very, very long time.

The murderer also makes note that they have another hostage who appears to be Steven Sotloff, another photojournalist who went missing in August of 2013, and utters the following statement:
“The life of this American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision.”
I just... I can't. What do you do in that sort of situation? As much as I disagree with President Obama's policies and ideals, I respect the place he holds and the stress he has to withstand on a daily basis. I couldn't do it, and I am amazed by a man who did it not only for 1 term but signed on for another one.

ENDING THOUGHTS: This is why I hate religion, folks. Religion as a whole is a deplorable beast hellbent on dividing people and pitting them against one another, and I want little to nothing to do with it's organized facets. 

I have grown so incredibly weary of this world and its inhabitants, and it doesn't seem to be getting better. 

Someone please give me some hope, because I just don't see the light or silver lining.



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