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Exercise #213 - Birthday Cake, etc...

Write a brief scene that includes: a red sneaker; a birthday cake; a giraffe; the smell of paint and cigarettes.

1,2,3, GO!

Liza held her breath as she walked through a thick cloud of Kretek smoke, glaring at the clearly underage girl who had purposefully blown it in her direction. She smirked with her red-painted lips and then winked and blew her a kiss. Liza rolled her eyes. I need to get out of this city.

A few more steps down the block and to the right, Liza arrived at her destination: Arte Cafe, one of her favorite places to go when she was itching to disappear for a moment. Jack was sitting at their regular table at the back of the outside patio area. He had even saved her the seat that was facing the street so she could people-watch. The only thing that might become a problem was that the whole area smelled like paint from a brownstone renovation that was happening across the street, but she chose not to be bothered.

"Hello, sir!" she said cheerfully, or... at least attempting to be cheerful.

"You're doing that badly, huh?" She couldn't hide anything from him. As she sat down, he continued, "Look, that clod didn't deserve you. Clearly."

"Well, yeah," she said, "but that doesn't make it hurt any less."

Jack sighed. "Ok, fine. I won't blow sunshine up your ass. He cheated on you, and you caught him. In the act. It sucks, and he deserves to have his dick taken away."

Liza couldn't help but laugh. "Taken away? You act like it's a membership card or something."

"Maybe it should be." Jack straightened with feigned determination. "It has been decided! All men must submit to genetic and psychological testing prior to entering the dating scene!" He raised his fist in the air as a proverbial exclamation point. "Plus, that giraffe-necked loser would be lucky if he found someone even a quarter as amazing as you are."

"Yeah, well..."

"Yeah," he said. "Well." He raised his eyebrow. "You're still wearing those things?" He nodded to the old pair of red Converse that she had been stomping around the city since she first moved here 8 years ago.

"What?" she pretended to be hurt. "They're classics. You can't go wrong with classics."

"You're wearing them with a skirt."

"I'm quirky. Get over it. Or don't. No skin off my back."

Just as he was about to come up with some witty yet scathing remark, Jack was distracted by something behind her and smiled. She turned around, and there was a beautifully-decorated cake heading her way.

"What is this?" she said.

"What, you thought I forgot?" he grinned handsomely.

It nearly brought tears to her eyes. She had. To be completely honest, she had nearly forgotten as well. Thank God for friends like him.


What did you come up with?



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