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Exercise #212 - Lifeguard Axes Oak Tree

Describe the lifeguard. Why did he (or she) take an axe to the oak tree?

1, 2, 3, GO!

The lifeguard's name is Brad, and he's what I like to call a "Dude-Bro" (see picture to the right for an example).

Brad lives his life at the pool, burning his skin until he looks nearly Puerto Rican (his family hails from Ireland, so this is quite a feat). When not at the pool (a rare occurrence), he is at the local bar getting sloshed with his friends who are, coincidentally, lifeguards as well, because apparently lifeguards travel in droves where he lives. In fact, the Discovery Channel was considering filming a documentary about their habits, but a wise individual nixed the idea, citing that their entire viewer base would be ostracized by their vapid, dude-bro antics.

That being said, he is a trained lifeguard and, as such, is capable of swimming like a champ, saving people who are drowning, and yelling at dumb kids to stop running on the side of the pool, so he does have some positive attributes. He even has some hobbies.

One such hobby is woodwork. He makes all of his own surfboards, and he has an inkling that this practice will eventually grow into a small business venture later on in his life (he's not pushing for that, though... if it happens, it happens).

On one particular day, he got the inkling to make one of these surfboards out of wood, so he grabbed an axe, threw it over his shoulder as he walked out his back door, and chopped down one of the oak trees from his back yard. It was dying anyway; might as well make use of the wood before it completely rotted.


What did you come up with?



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