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Exercise #209 - What's Underneath?

In the room where you are right now, what are some surfaces you normally do not see? For example, the underside of the table, or underside of the chair. Perhaps there is something you can only see if you stand on top of the chair. Perhaps you would notice them if you were a dog lying on the rug, or a fly buzzing around the ceiling . List and precisely describe these surfaces.

1, 2, 3, GO!

Shh, don't tell anyone, but I'm writing this at work. Yes, I'm on break, but I feel slightly naughty writing a blog post on my work computer, even if I am clocked out.

Honestly, there isn't a lot of stuff that I don't see the top of in here. Everything is very short-person accessible, so, as a moderately tall person, I can see the tops of nearly everything in sight. That being said, I'll try to figure out what escapes my line of sight as best as I can.

The vending machines. Technically, these are in the adjoining room (driver's lounge), but there is a large window to my left through which I can see them, and that makes maintaining a healthy diet less than easy (The Reese's are right there!!). But if I don't keep cash on me, I'm golden. Unhappy and fruitlessly tempted, but not stuffing my face with candy and / or various chips and crackers.

They're taller than me by an inch or two, so I never see their tops. Being that it's the driver's lounge (read messy shithole), I don't even want to know what's up there. Chances are there is more dust than I have ever seen before in my life, bugs, among other things. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a secret doorway to the bowels of Hell itself, but I can neither confirm nor deny this as fact. I'm not going to go searching either, because that would just be sheer lunacy.

The top of my office. I work in a warehouse. To be more specific, I work in a building inside a warehouse. So, in the middle of all of the forklift activity, there is a smaller freestanding office in which the administrative employees slave away night and day. There is a ladder that goes up to the ... can I call it a roof? Indoor roof? Ceiling doesn't work... We'll just call it a roof. Anyways, this ladder goes up to the roof, and I have only been up there once to investigate bird sounds that we had been hearing coming from our air ducts (I truly am a Jane of All Trades, folks).

The dust itself was truly awful. Being that it is a warehouse outfitted with several forklifts that use cheap tires, there is a constant sheen of forklift tire dust on pretty much every surface. If I wear longer pants (as in ones that dust the ground as I walk), I will return to the office with black ankles. It gets everywhere, no matter what you do.

When I went up to figure up if there were birds up there or not, the whole roof was covered in at least an inch-thick layer of this stuff, and I came back down covered from head to toe in it as well. Never again.

So how about you? What sort of things do you not normally see the tops of? Let me know!



jesshneil said…
i decided to jump up on my kitchen counter and have a peak at the tops of cupboards. Needless to say I won't be back up there unless i'm wielded with some heavy duty cleaning products.

Okay it wasn't THAT bad but there were a few fly shells.