Exercise #204 - Zoo Animals

Take three characters you are working with in your writing. Imagine that they all visit the zoo. Which animals will which characters want to see? Not care about? Watch intently? What will they say about their favorite and least favorite animals? How will they behave while visiting their cage/ enclosure? Be specific.

1, 2, 3, GO!

Natalie (MC) - This character is sort of in flux, so I'll do my best here. In previous iterations of the current WIP (I've been working on this piece of crap for years now... just can't give it up), she would have been most drawn to the lions and other big cats for their serene strength and calm ferocity. But now? I think she'd identify more with the cunning, fiery fox. She'd still find the big cats to be beautiful, but I don't think she'd connect as much due to her recent character changes. Snakes would not interest her, but they wouldn't scare her.

 Pickett - Ah, Pickett... my dear, sweet, brusque Pickett... Honestly, he would have to be coerced into visiting the zoo. Too many people, too much activity... It would make him and his extreme introvert self feel overwhelmed and frustrated. I think he would find solace in the aviary, however. The animals are free (as free as you can be in a zoo, anyway) and serene in comparison to the wild, feces-chucking monkeys or the chuckling hyenas. I could definitely see him sitting on a bench in the back corner of a jungle-themed aviary, reading a book and sipping on a cup of black coffee while he listened calmly to the running water and the chirps of the surrounding birds.

Claire - Claire would be incredibly excited to see the peacocks (but she wouldn't show anyone her fervor, of course... how unladylike). She would also really enjoy the tigers, specifically the white ones because of their rarity and beauty. Monkeys and other primates would be humorous to her, but she wouldn't necessarily care too much about them. Oddly enough, I feel like Claire would quite like the reptiles, specifically the big snakes. There's something sinister about them that would appeal to her.


This one is a bit late. Whoops. You'll forgive me, I'm sure.

Did you come up with anything? What animals would your characters enjoy looking at when visiting the zoo?



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