Exercise #201 - D Verbs

Dash, dart, deck, delight, duck--- How many verbs that begin with the letter "d" can you think of? Spend the whole five minutes on this one list if you can. If you have to, go on to the letter "e."

1,2,3, GO!!

That's right, Cout von Count.
D is for DANCE.
I'm kind of annoyed that they took 5 perfectly good verbs from my dwindling list just for the purposes of providing examples. Rude...

Dwindle Die Dimple
Denounce Drown Dump
Disagree Diddle Drink
Dampen Delouse
Drum Darken Demean
Dissolve Declaim Dunk
Declare Deliver Dig
Defend Damage Dry
Dye Dab Dwell
Disclaim Dabble Deepen
Dangle Damn Dally
Depark Debauch Debate
Deem Debug Debut
Daunt Debrief Dawn
Decide Drive Dive
Dish Drill Drift
Deaden Denote Debunk
Dine Dent Divvy
Dole Double Do
Dime Drag Dip
Draw Daydream Deal
Debit Daub Drone

What did you come up with? Feel free to post your full response or a link to your response in the comments below!



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