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Writerly Wednesdays or
Exercise #199 - Shadows

Right now, from right where you are, very precisely describe all the shadows you see.

1,2,3, GO!!!

The fan above me plays tendrils of darkness outward from its center and onto the ceiling, the light unable to penetrate the stationary fan blades. It is one of the few areas in the living room where the darkness is highly visible despite being out in the open, light-filled air.

The curtains in the bay window cast shadows on the blinds behind them, curving delicately downward, crossing the blinds in a slanting fashion, all the way to the floor.

Inside the fireplace, it is dark not only because of the ash and burn marks but also due to lack of light. It filters in toward the edge, bouncing off the scattered ashes of wood and paper, but not much else is illuminated.

Strict angles sit an inch below each picture frame on the walls.

5 minutes up!

Whew, that was a lot harder than I had initially thought it would be. I kept staring at the room around me, practically screaming, "SHADOWS, WHERE ARE YOU, YOU JERKS?!?!"

What did you come up with?



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