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Exercise # 195 - Vive la France

Write a little something that includes the following:

- the smell of fresh-baked baguettes
- hot peaches
- a man in a beret
- the words "souvenir," "clink," and "lurk"

Ah, France... I have only been there once, but it was amazing. I wasn't a fan of Paris; there were too many people outwardly inconvenienced by "le stupide américain" for me to actually enjoy myself.

In Normandy, however, there is a quaint little peninsula / island (depending on the time of day or year) that grabbed my heart and took hold. It has yet to release, and that was many years ago.

Mont St. Michel
Seriously... It's a freaking fairy tale.
Mont St. Michel is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Well, that I've seen up close and personal anyway.

If you ever have a chance, go. The monastery is gorgeous, and the quaint little streets in the town below are entrancing and make you feel like you're waking through the pages of a storybook.

That being said, we have an exercise to do, no?

1,2,3, GO!!
Claire perched in her chair at the cafe as she sipped quietly on her chocolat chaud, breathing in the warmth and letting it travel to her very core. The early morning was her favorite time to visit the cafe and watch the passersby, listen to the patrons' spoons clinking on saucers below freshly brewed cups of coffee, or smell the wafting scent of freshly-baked baguettes from the bakery down the street. It was heavenly.

Suddenly, Claire became acutely aware of a shadowy man in a beret lurking in her peripheral vision. Donning her coffee-colored sunglasses and positioning a book in a reasonable line of sight, she feigned reading and kept a watchful eye on the creeper.

His attentions were focused on an elegantly coiffed brunette who was chatting playfully on her cellphone while pushing a pile of hot peaches around her plate.

"Michel," she said in a posh British accent. "You are so silly! We can't go all the way to Australia and back on 500, now can we?" She tittered quietly as Michel provided an amusin retort. The dark man hovered quietly.

"Well, yes," she said, "but that amount of money would get us food for a couple of days and maybe some souvenirs. If you really want to go to Australia, we need to save a little more, don't we?"

5 minutes up...

Hmm... Why was dark man lurking? Maybe I'll expound upon this one later.

What did you come up with? Anything surprising?



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