Exercise # 192 - Wolf, Forest, Sky

And so the New Year's Resolutions begin... Positive thinking makes it happen!!

Time to get back on this horse, shall we? It's been quite a while since I've done these writing exercises, and I'm afraid I'm rather out of practice... Bear with me and be patient.

As stated in my New Year's Resolutions, the plan is to be reasonable and start with 2 posts a week. Once that has solidified itself into my weekly schedule, I'll up it to three and so on. I think I'll top out at 3-5 per week, depending on my schedule. Kosher? I think so.

Of course, knowing me, I'll probably get excited and post 5 billion posts one week and then none the next, but we'll tackle that when it happens, eh?

The below exercise has been sitting in my Drafts here on Blogger for the last 4 months, and I have barely come up with a paragraph. Not only that, but it's terrible. So instead of letting it bug me, I'm going to post what I've got and then move on to the next exercise. Who cares if this one is incomplete? That's ok. Just let it go, Stefers.

Exercise # 192 - Wolf, Forest, Sky

Describe a wolf. Describe a forest. Describe a sky.
The sun beat down heavily upon the thick fur coat of the yellow-eyed wolf. It was a mild spring day, but months of downy winter fur had yet to shed from the animal's back, leaving the animal helpless to combat the heat trapped in between the fibers of its coat as it searched for shadowy relief from the sun's rays. Thankfully, the forest provides many spots where one can elude the heat, and the wolf knew the perfect place.

I told you. That's all I've got. So much head shaking going on here. I promise to try and do better, guys... Oi vey.



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