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Exercise #191 - Pretty, Pretty Turquoise

What things are turquoise? Make a list.

Stefers the Great Factoid: Turquoise is my absolute favorite color. Hands-down. I don't know what it is; there's something so calming, yet so vivid about it. It's almost like it has some sort of secret, like it's saying, "The blue part of me implies demureness and quietness, but the green part suggests fervor and vivacity." Love it.

1,2,3, GO!
Turquoise is turquoise (duh).
on a really fortuitous day, the Cancun ocean
the scarf hanging on my bedroom door
about 50% of my clothes, underwear included
the turquoise-browed Motmot (It's a real bird. Google it.)

You know... I really can't think of anything else that is turquoise.

I mean, you can always make things turquoise, but then this list would be endless.

the wall
the desk
the shelf
the cat
my foot

When you think about it, very few things actually show up in nature that are the color of turquoise (besides the turquoise-browed Motmot, of course).

Can you think of anything? Leave your ideas in the comments area below!



Samantha said…
The stone turquoise, which I think is where the color name comes from?
suesal said…
The sky on just the right kind of day.....I always vowed to make myself a dress out of fabric the color of the sky.

I saw some fish in the National Aquarium over the weekend that were turquoise. And translucent turquoise at that. Very cool.

That's about it for my list :)
Andrea Keen said…
I agree, Turquoise is a beautiful colour. Its the colour of a stone my husband recently bought. Its the colour of some small beads that i bought to add to a dream catcher. I have some plastic turquoise spoons, Underwear, Tee-Shirt, towels bath mats and toilet seat :-)

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