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Exercise #190 - Into the Forest

They were told that the only way to make it safely through the forest to the city was to stay off the path. So they entered the forest where it was thickest... Keep writing.

Ooh! I like this one already! Let's get started, shall we?

1,2,3, GO!
They were told that the only way to make it safely through the forest to the city was to stay off the path. So they entered the forest where it was thickest and pushed through the foreboding layers of twisted foliage.

"Why can't things just be simple?" Aaron said, swatting at an offending tree branch. "The only way to get there is to stay off the path? Really? Just once, I'd like someone to tell me that the easiest way is the best and most effective way."

Phillip snorted as he cracked a stick in half beneath his feet. "They don't tell stories for centuries about people who get what they want the easy way."

"Who says I want anyone to talk about me for centuries?"

Phillip rolled his eyes. "Right... Aaron Hawkins, ever the underachiever."

"Hey," Aaron said, his eyes widened in feigned vexation, "I take offense to that. Just because I have no desire to find my name emblazoned in  history books for all of my future progeny to see doesn't mean that I'm a bad person."

"So why come at all?" Another branch snapped. "You could be sitting at home right now watching television or checking Facebook."

"Yeah, but where would that leave you? I'll tell you where: in a forest all by yourself, trying to get yourself lost."

"I'm not trying to get myself lost. I'm trying to find --" Suddenly, Phillip fell, crying out as his body pitched forward toward the ground.

"You ok?" Aaron asked, rushing as quickly as he could through the tree roots and twigs. When Phillip didn't answer, he asked again. "Dude, you ok?"

Phillip heard the question, but he couldn't answer. Words escaped him.

Kneeling beside his fallen friend, he was dumbfounded to find half of his arm gone. It wasn't broken, it wasn't severed; it was just gone. Just above his elbow, Phillip's arm had simply disappeared. It was painless. In fact, it was almost as if he could still feel it. No, he could still feel it. He was certain.

"Woah, dude! What happened?" Aaron's eyes widened as he slowly backed away.


5 minutes up.

Well, dang. I'll have to revisit this one. What happened to his arm?!?!

Ooh, or better yet, feel free to take this premise and run with it. Write an ending and see where the characters and story take you. I'd love to see what you come up with!



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