My Italian Summation

As you know, I took a country-wide, whirlwind tour of Italy in the month of May, and I took my new Canon Rebel Xs with me. Granted, my lenses were low-end, kit lenses, but that fact didn't stop me from snapping picture after picture as if my life depended on it. I'm pretty sure I saw most of the trip through the lens of my camera (who has now been named Elisabetta after our lovely tour guide), and I did my best to capture as much of it as I could.

I've given myself some time to let the fact that I walked where the freaking gladiators walked sink into my thick skull, and I think it is now time to break out the pictures that I took.

Just as a warning, get ready for a wall heavy laden with photos.

I want to go back.

Can I go back, please? That’d be nice…

I hope you enjoyed my pictures! I know I had a blast taking them.



Anonymous said…
this is very beautiful! :))
Linda H said…
Steffers - you have a good photographic eye

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