After My Long Absence...

I'm pretty sure that you guys have given up any hope you might have held for my return, but guess what??? Starting next week, I am going to be back FULL FORCE!!

You're excited. I just know it.

I am officially a graduate of Belmont University with a degree in Classical Voice Performance (woot!), and now I actually have TIME to have a life.


Whatever shall I do with my time? Oh, I know! WRITE!

So here I am, reminding you guys that this little blog here exists and is beginning once again to breathe with severely underused lungs.

I have so much to update you guys on (a 10-day trip to freaking ITALY complete with pictures!), and I have sorely missed writing creatively. It has been truly sad; my life has been so hectic that I haven't sat down with my current work in process in MONTHS, and just admitting that fact makes my heart die a little.

But worry not! I'm getting back on the writing horse, and it's going to be great.

Here's to new beginnings.



Gayle said…
Good for you! I'm glad you're back. I'm looking at getting something done creatively,too. I've done lots of fact type articles. I'll see how it goes. Good writing!
Shruthi said…
I almost did think this blog died! Welcome back and please, Italy, *lech* :D

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