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Yeah... About Those New Year's Resolutions...

School hit me kind of hard this semester... It's my last semester in college (FINALLY!! I seriously never thought it would get here.), and my classes aren't exactly the most difficult... But everything is really time consuming.

For example, this April, I am performing in my final, Sr. recital. It's an hour long, and I have to get an hour's worth of repertoire up to snuff in the next coming months so that I can pull off a decent recital. I'm also performing with the Nashville Opera in their production of Carmen, and that's going to be a doozy.

Additionally, I've been having computer issues which have been resolved due to some amazingly good luck and a very kindhearted friend of mine who knows how grateful I am for his generosity and help.
He looks more attractive
than me when I cry.

On a completely different note, I've had some personal issues that I've had to deal with that have kept me knee-deep in tears, Kleenex, and looking quite a lot like this little guy to the right.

But worry not! I may still be wading through some of the flak that life decided to hurl at me from every direction all at once, but I now have a sense of placement in the world. I know where I am, who I am, and my feet are firmly planted on the ground beneath me. If I were on a beach, I'd be digging my frigging toes into the sand, relishing as the grains gently exfoliate away the hardened callouses caused by rigorous dance classes.

All of the whining and moaning aside, though, get ready for some more writing exercises! I'll add in little random posts about life like I normally do, but I have seriously missed the routine of sitting down for the day and pumping out an exercise or two.

You know what else I've missed?


That may be cheese-tastic, but I've missed opening up my inbox to find that one of you lovely readers has popped by and left me a short (or long) hello.

So anyways, today is Sunday. Starting Monday, I am going to try my best to ease back into a normal writing schedule. I'm not going to lie and say that I'll have perfect attendance, but I will do my absolute best. Just bear with me.



Unknown said…
New year is an emotional time if things are not going well for you. I don't particularly make new-years resolutions because I can make a new start, or have a new goal at any one time.

I am new to blogging. Although I started in December, it's kind of a new venture for 2011.
Diabolical Me said…
I's a newish follower, but I get a kick out of the writing exercises. I hope you feel better soon! (^_~)
susie said…
I am a new follower and really like your posts. I too have been going through some issues and have felt like the baby in the pic you posted. Your writing is very lively. I am a new blogger.

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Guy Duperreault said…
Good Luck. I understand only too well your being busy, as I have been too - writing an economics course, extended work in an understaffed office, household routine, and my own bought of health issues.

As with singing, remember that life needs proper breath, too.

Be well.

Hi Stef,

Looking forward to some more writing exercises. By the way you have been chosen to receive The Stylish Blogger Award. If you want to know what on earth I am talking about, go to

Lou Barba

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