Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm ALIVE!!!

I am so sorry for going MIA for a little while there...

Life hit me pretty hard, and I had a difficult time getting on top of it, and, as should happen in such cases, something had to give. So 52 Weeks of Wordage had to go on hiatus for a bit.

But I'm quasi-back! Yay!!!

Here's the plan:

Make It Up Monday will still happen, but it will be every other week, starting this coming Monday.
I'm going to make an attempt at posting every other day depending on my work load at both school and work, but it may not be quite every other day. We shall see.
Weekends will be my main posting time. Saturdays and Sundays galore of posting!

Once school is out for Winter Break, normal posting will resume, and I'll maintain that until life gets too hectic in the Spring semester. After that, I'll be FREE from the confines of school and will be able to post with wild abandon!! Glory, glory hallelujah!

At any rate, it's 3am, and I have school in the morning. Must sleep.

Thank you all for your e-mails and comments. Knowing that I was missed totally made my day/week/life.

You're all wonderful and lovely!


Friday, October 01, 2010

Exercise #180 : After the Flood

This is exercise in generating specific detail (think "show don't tell"). Without using the word flood, show that there has been a flood. 
Tip: try to come up with detail that appeals to all the senses, including smell, taste, touch, and sound.
LP Field in Nashville, TN
when the flooding came through earlier this year.
 1,2,3, GO!

Attempt #1: Scrapped after 2.5 minutes... hehe

The damage was unbelievable. My neighborhood, once a thriving suburban area, had been reduced to empty homes, rotting walls, and ruined lawns. The waters had completely engulfed my street which was at the bottom of the hill and lay there stagnantly for the next two days, and it wasn't until the next week that anyone was able to get back to their homes to survey the total loss.

My house was one of the better-looking ones. Most of it was simply mold growing on the walls and insulation and ruined flooring, but it was all fixable. Others weren't so lucky with their ceilings caving in and walls collapsing. Needless to say, none of my furniture was salvageable. Nothing was salvageable except for my will to survive.

Attempt #2: I'm thinking this one is a lot better.

As I entered through the front door, I closed my eyes. Dank mustiness assaulted my nostrils, and I felt tears welling up in my eyes. It was gone. All of it. What was I going to do? My husband, George, inhaled sharply behind me as he wrapped his arms around my waist. Slowly, I opened my eyes.

Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I thought. Everything just looked... wet. The walls were darkened by the now receded waters, the berber carpet squished beneath my feet, and the light inside was tinted by the thin film of sediment deposited on all of the windows.

It was going to be hard. I knew that drying out an entire house was a task to undertake, and it would take a long time. But eventually, life would continue, and we would rebuild our home from the ground up.


Whew! It feels good to be back to writing again. I'm still not 100%, but I'm getting exponentially better every day. Glory be!

Anyways, I started writing that first attempt, and 2 minutes in I started to think how much I hated it. haha So scrap it and move on, says I! Of course, I had to post both for the purpose of our exercises! The point of them is not to self edit, but to get something down on paper. Or... er... internet??

Additionally, I have decided to extend the Make It Up Monday one extra day every week, to give both you and me some time to really dig into the writing and so on. So you have 1 more day to submit your writing! Yay! Write, write, write!

I have also decided to start accepting submissions for pictures and other ideas for Make It Up Monday, so please feel free to e-mail me at

See you tomorrow with the Make It Up Monday winners and a new writing exercise!


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