That last post (it has since been removed, so if you didn't read it, please disregard this) was never meant to see the light of day. I wrote it in a moment of high emotion and regretted it the second I typed the final word for the problems it could cause... and did end up causing.

I planned on deleting it, but apparently pushed a wrong button or something instead, because it ended up getting published.

At any rate, it was a grievous error on my part, and, because of the post, people were hurt. For that, I am so sorry. You know who you are.

For those of you that read the original post, you will not be getting an update. It was wrong of me to post it in the first place regardless of my actual intentions to delete it, and I feel awful.

Once again, I wholeheartedly apologize and pray that the wounds caused are ones that can be healed.



Belle said…
Oh, I am sorry. Last week I said something to my daughter and she was upset. I wished I could take it back. But we made up. I hope these people will just forget what happened, which is what we try to do in our family. Everyone makes mistakes.
I understand. I did not read the post. However, I tend to get things off of my chest by writing about it. Whether it is on Facebook or on my own blog. I too realize that it might hurt someone, so I never publish those posts. I think it is kind of therapeutic to get it down... then delete. But it is a good bit of advice to be careful...just in case it does publish.

Don't worry about it. I didn't read the post. People will move one eventually. :)
Kate said…
It's hard to express our own feelings without hurting someone else at times. Maybe you can find other ways if you're unable to on here. I used to write letters to myself when I was upset then put them in a paper shredder. It felt good to get it all out then destroy it so no one else would know :)

Delaney said…
I completely understand. I did the same thing on my old blog, but mine was more on how to be a good friend. The friend who was mad at me saw it and deleted it...and we're still not friends. I feel incredibly stupid for having done that...

I don't know what your post was about, but I hope the poeple you hurt forgive you.

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