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I'm ALIVE!!!

I am so sorry for going MIA for a little while there...

Life hit me pretty hard, and I had a difficult time getting on top of it, and, as should happen in such cases, something had to give. So 52 Weeks of Wordage had to go on hiatus for a bit.

But I'm quasi-back! Yay!!!

Here's the plan:

Make It Up Monday will still happen, but it will be every other week, starting this coming Monday.
I'm going to make an attempt at posting every other day depending on my work load at both school and work, but it may not be quite every other day. We shall see.
Weekends will be my main posting time. Saturdays and Sundays galore of posting!

Once school is out for Winter Break, normal posting will resume, and I'll maintain that until life gets too hectic in the Spring semester. After that, I'll be FREE from the confines of school and will be able to post with wild abandon!! Glory, glory hallelujah!

At any rate, it's 3am, and I have school in the morning. Must sleep.

Thank you all for your e-mails and comments. Knowing that I was missed totally made my day/week/life.

You're all wonderful and lovely!



sweet pea. said…
whew. i was beginning to think you were eaten by an anaconda or something.... =/
Letty said…
I'm so glad that you are back! Hope your life is less stressful for a while and cant wait for your next post :)
Katz0001 said…
Hey Stef,

Glad ur alive.
Just wanted to say I checked out ur singing page before and your voice is really beautiful. I think even more so than Jason Derulo... sorry, not a big fan of him! Although several other Aussies I know love him! I like singing too... but I haven't actually studied it before like you. So I find what you are doing to be very interesting! :D
Anyway, take care... and I look forward to more blog posts!
Kirsten said…
I'm not going to lie- I was definitely a little concerned that we haven't heard from you in so long... glad you're feeling better!
~Dinner With Kir
Sara said…
Welcome back! We've missed you!
Dionne said…
So glad to hear your still Alive!! Was beginning to wonder if that cold did you in. ;)

Looking forward to your new posts.
Lou Barba said…
Hi Stef,

Don't be concerned about the quantity...just keep the quality as good as it always has been. Glad you're back!

Lou Barba
Anneta said…
Hi! Have a nice day and be happy;)
Ashleigh said…
Omg.. not gonna lie.. I missed you and I'm stoked you're still alive and that it was just life that kept you away instead of pneumonia or something! Hahaha... now, if I may take the liberty... I know you're busy, but could you post the winners for the last Make It A Monday? Specifically because I entered, for the first time, and I'm kind of excited to see whether I win... but either way I love you and your stuff is awesome and I'm just thankful you're back. :D
Teddi said…
I know what it's like to have life take over. I haven't been posting nearly as much as I would like. I miss reading your entries. I hope you are doing well.
Like you, I've found life a trifle full of late. I'm glad you're doing something to diminish your stress - even though it means we'll see you posting less often. Our loss!
Summer Ross said…
Glad your world is crazy instead of ruined. :) I understand I'm a full time single mom and a student and a writer...yikes what a mix huh? anyway...I'll keep looking for your posts. :)
TraceyG said…
keep ur blogs coming. i missed you while you were away. i'm glad everything is back on track.
Kate said…
I found your site from Blogs of Note. I love it. I’m going to poke around a little bit, but don’t worry I’ll put everything back where I found it!!
Mae said…
Hi Stef! I miss reading your posts! I hope all is well!
suesal said…
Glad you're ok and at least quasi - back! I've been gone for a while too - mainly because of show rehearsals. Take good care of yourself!
i love to read your article very nice., inspirational...

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