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Welcome to the Weekend, & My Cat Fetches...

I'm taking the weekend off from 52 Weeks here, but I thought I'd leave you all with a cute little video taken by yours truly.

I came home after work today and cleaned underneath the couch (side note: it's amazing how much stuff can accumulate under there!), and I found a few cat toys that had been chased/batted into the abyss who knows how long before. I threw one of the toys out of the way so I could sweep (like I said, amazing what I found there), and Lily, always the huntress, went off to attack it.

Moments later, I was bent over with my broom and dustpan, and I heard this high-pitched little meow. Turning around, I spied Lily sitting  at my feet, her big doe eyes looking up at me, and the toy was laying directly in front of her. Odd, I thought.

I picked it up and threw it again for good measure, and once again, she returned shortly after with the toy in her mouth. I thought it was so adorable that I took out my phone and filmed it. Enjoy. :)

Holy crap, I totally just became that cat lady. Ugh. When did that happen???



broken biro said…
Next thing you'll be going out for walkies and as a dog-lover I applaud all efforts in this direction.

But be warned - cats never beg!
Stef Howerton said…
haha They beg in the kitchen!! I swear, if I get anywhere near their food bowls, Lily goes absolutely nuts and meows until I simply cannot ignore her anymore. It's like I never feed them or something!

Funny story, though... I've actually tried leashes on both cats, and they were not having it. It was quite amusing, because they'd just freeze in one place and mew at me with this big pleading eyes. "Take it off, take it off, take it off!!!" I couldn't, in good conscience, keep it on them. hehe
broken biro said…
Cat's aren't into bondage? Who knew?
Stef Howerton said…
It would appear not. haha I'll have to try it again, but I'm skeptical of any success.
Halcyon Black said…
This made me giggle, and re-adjust my worldview. Cats DO play fetch. Thank you.
lea said…
The cat wants to play with you that is why it kept on going back with the toy that you had thrown.
Sarah Catherine said…
she fetches better then my dog!! :) lol
CarrieMarie said…
My kitty Angel does the same thing! But generally only w/ hair ties. We'll sling-shot them into the other room & she'll bring them back for the next round. : ) it's awesome fun! AND you don't have to clean up drool. heh.
Anonymous said…
hai thar

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