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Exercise #168 : Butterfly

Another prompt. Use this as your opening line:
They were eating dinner when a butterly floated in and landed on the meatloaf.

Here's a question: Why does everyone bag on meatloaf? My Mom, an excellent cook (that is, if she's home long enough to make something), makes absolutely delectable meatloaf. I mean, sure, the name of the dish leaves much to be desired, but what is it about meatloaf that makes people's faces immediately warp into something that looks somewhat like Worf from Star Trek (you know... furrowed brow and whatnot...)?

I've always had good experiences with meatloaf, and I'm kind of sad that it has such a bad rep. Sigh... Poor meatloaf.

1,2,3, GO!

They were eating dinner when a butterly floated in and landed on the meatloaf.

Eloise threw her hands up in defeat. "Well, that's it. I'm done. This dinner was a complete waste." She picked up her plate, still full of food, and made her way for the kitchen.

Marcie rolled her eyes. "Seriously? Just swat it off."

"No. Nothing has gone right this evening, and that dumb bug only ruined an already..." her voice trailed off a she searched for the right word, "evil meal."

"Ok. You need to calm down a little bit. It was just a butterfly."

But it wasn't just the butterfly. The butterfly was most assuredly on the list of things that had effectively ruined the meal, but add on an improperly working stove, lack of appropriate ingredients, and a veritable cornucopia of proof for Murphy's Law, and one might come close to the frustration that was flowing through Eloise's veins.

"Right," she said. "Just a butterfly. A harmless, beautiful butterfly. Don't those things throw up or something on anything they land on?"

"I think that's flies, and they only do that when they're planning on eating."

"Well, it is food, and the butterfly is closely related to the fly. They're both bugs, they both have wings... They both have 'fly' in their name."

"Ok, we get the point, El." Marcie dug her fork into her slab of meat. "But this looks good, so I'm going to eat it." She took a bite.

Eloise muttered incoherently as she trudged into the kitchen to dump the contents of her plate into the trash. Once Eloise had left the room, Marcie spat out the offending food and hid it in her napkin.

"El," she yelled into the kitchen, "How about tomorrow I cook? That way you won't have to mess with it."


What do you guys think? Did Marcie do the right thing? Or would you have told Eloise that her meatloaf was awful?



Laura said…
Never insult the cook. They work too hard. Maybe she could suggest that this wasn't the best recipe, after all E seems to agree it's not great, and help find a better one. As you say there are many incredible meatloafs out there. My own Chunnel (cheese tunnel) is renown.
Just want to point out that E first leaves with her empty plate, then proceeds to empty her plate into the trash.
Stef Howerton said…
Oh, shoot! The first appearance wasn't supposed to say empty! Whoops! Consider it fixed! Thanks so much for the heads up! :)
Satia said…
Perhaps you can blame the singer because before his rise to fame it seems meatloaf was pretty much a staple in most homes.
Fickle Cattle said…
I love meatloaf. My mom never makes them, so I always consider it a treat when I try it at some other place or at some other house.
Alexia said…
but.... it's made out of ground meat(?). Euwwwww!

Love your blog :D
That was a good laugh... thanks..
lea said…
Not all people think of the Worf when they see a meatloaf. Those who do not watch Shrek will have no idea about it. Whatever the representation, meatloaf is still delicious.
Ahab said…
I hate meatloaf. I've always hated meatloaf. The texture ranges from dry and crumbly to greasy, and the flavor is unpleasant. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

Now tarkadal ... THAT'S comfort food!
Elimar Licos said…
"Never insult the cook..." - Laura

i agree with her. never ever insult a cook or else... will let u eat something yummy which you don't really eat.

cooking is a way showing your love to the one eating it. simply because you can't cook without pouring special ingridient on it.. love.

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