Exercise #167 : Don't Look Behind You

Today's exercise is courtesy of Leslie Pietrzyk, a novelist who lives in Alexandria, Virginia.
Without turning around to look, write a list of everything that is behind you right now. Be specific and thorough; be literal and metaphorical.

1,2,3, GO!

It depends on how you look at it, really... Technically, everything in the world is behind me, but that's the kind of answer you'd expect from some pompous philosopher.

In my most immediate proximity, there are two grey-topped desks behind me, complete with computers, chairs, and various office supplies. Yes, I am at work... But being as there is not currently any data entry for me to enter into the computer it would seem that I have a free moment to myself. It's rare in this office; there's always something to do. But today was slow, and I get a chance to take a breath.

The office printer whirrs gently behind me as one of my co-workers gets up from his rolling chair to retrieve his printout. His chair slides gracefully across linoleum, and I feel slightly guilty for writing this blog post instead of doing something... anything.

But I've digressed, haven't I? Things behind me...

I am sitting in a building within a building, if that makes sense, and one of the walls of this inside building stands silently to my aft. The outer building - best referred to as a warehouse - doesn't actually feel like a building when you're standing within its walls. Have you ever been in a building with ceilings so high that you feel like you're outside? That's kind of like this place. In fact, it reminds me somewhat of this iconic place:

You can't expect me to talk about a warehouse without referencing my beloved Indy, can you?

At any rate, it's filled with boxes upon boxes, skids upon skids, and various other insundry that weighs more than I can even comprehend.

Forklifts are awfully convenient in this venue.


Ah, the meandering ramblings of me...

What about you guys? What is, right at this second, behind you? Don't turn around to observe; simply start writing and see what you can visualize in your mind's eye.




scottishdogs said…
Hi there
Just popped over from Litopia and I love what I've found!

...Right now behind me is the blue easy chair on which my Scottish Terriers usually sleep. It is empty right now though because they are nagging me for their walk...

Will visit you again, see what you up to next.

Stef said…
Welcome to 52 Weeks of Wordage, scorpio1! :) I'm so happy you liked what you saw.
-jen said…
Then you see it again in Honey I blew up the kid (warehouse scene look behind the blonde wife/mother lady) says, Ark of (can't spell) covient.
m.. behind me a window with curtian.. behind the curtain dark night sky and silent street ..

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