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Exercise #163 : Tina Tries to Help

In two sentences or less describe Fran.
In two sentences or less describe her living room.
In two sentences or less, very specifically put Fran in the livingroom (for example, she might be sitting in the wicker chair by the window reading the newspaper, or, she might be sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of the fireplace doing her meditation, etc).
Then, Tina comes in and tries to help. In what way? What exactly does Tina do? And/ or say? How does Fran react?

1,2,3, GO!

She is a blonde librarian from Schenechtady, NY who has a love for foreign food and raquet ball.

Her living room:
Fran's living room is unexpectedly cluttered. It isn't messy to the point of hoarding, but the anal retentively clean person would probably somewhat uncomfortable.

Fran's place within the living room:
Fran is sitting in a cornflower blue, wingbacked chair by the fireplace while reading a collection of Dostoevsky fiction.

Tina is one of those anal retentively clean people referred to earlier. She attempts to clean up Fran's mess without her permission, and Fran does not take to it kindly.

Specifically, Tina comes into the room with the best of intentions, grabbing a stack of books and beginning to place them on a nearby shelf. Little does she know that Fran has put those books there for a reason, hoping to peruse them later. Seeing her efforts quashed, Fran flies into a tizzy and begins yelling at Tina. Despite Tina's attempts to calm her friend, Fran continues to essentially throw a tantrum until Tina is forced to leave. They make up several weeks later, but there is always tension in their relationship from then on out.


Today's post is just going to be a quicky. I've got a ton of errands and whatnot to do. Lord, help me.



Jodi Elizabeth said…
Love this exercise!
Let's give this a try..

Fran is a social turtle, a reader, and loves her cats.
Dimmed lights adorn the gray walls adding a wash of light to an otherwise dark space.
Fran is sprawled across her reclining chair, writing in her diary as she the window light casts a glow on her wearied face.
Tina struts in bringing warmth as she glimpses at Tina with sympathy.
Tina's presence overwhelms Fran with a sense of caring.

Thanks for this!


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