Exercise #161 : Sunburned

He got horribly sunburned. How did this happen? Write the scene from the point of view of someone who expected this would happen, and had warned him.
1,2,3, GO!!!

"I told you," I said, extending my index finger to poke my husband's reddened skin. When I made contact, he groaned and jerked away.

"Mel, stop that! It hurts."

"But I told you."

"Yeah, I know," he said. "I heard you. No reason to poke me."

He had been mowing the lawn earlier, shirtless, and I had stepped out to tell him to put on sunscreen. Of course, he declined, like always. And like always, he had ended up with pretty serious sunburn all over his shoulders and back.

"Aloe?" I said, smiling. He was miserable enough; it was time to make him feel better. Maybe he'll pay attention next time.


Well, that was............ brief. haha But it was all I could come up with, I swear!

In other news, I'm dying my hair with henna again next weekend! Yay! The funny thing is that the last time I did this, I promised you guys that I would document my henna journey with photos and a blog post, and I totally didn't do that. Whoops! Well, this time around, I'm going to be a photo-taking junkie! I'll fill you in on the entire process of dying one's hair with henna from start to finish.

Excited? You should be. Maybe you'll even be inspired to henna your own hair!



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