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Major Blog Overhaul

I am officially taking suggestions regarding the look and feel of my blog.

Think of your favorite blogs. What do you like the best about their appearance? Is the 3-column layout aesthetically appealing or off-putting? Is all of the text overwhelming?

What would you like to see changed about my blog? The color scheme? The type of font? The background? I keep getting the feeling that my blog just looks a little messy and that it can be streamlined a bit.

At any rate, let me know your thoughts and ideas. I'd love to hear all of your input!



Maria Zannini said…
I have old eyes so anything that makes it easier to read is a winner.

The two column layout looks less cluttered and white or light background with black text will be easiest to read.

The Western world reads left to right, so I'd suggest leading with your blog column first and then all the segmented stuff on the right.

That's my two pence for what it's worth.
Diandra said…
I like the layout fine, although for some it might be difficult to read. One thing that gets on my nerve is that you have to click "Continue reading" and a new tab pops up. But that's just me, I guess. (^v^)
Stef Howerton said…
Thanks, guys. Awesome and helpful comments!

Diandra, I tried removing that feature a little while ago, but can't remember how I even set up that setting! haha So it'll definitely go when the new layout starts, bc it is annoying to be forced into a new page when you don't want to be. I'm sure it has to do with something I wrote into the template manually. hehe Must keep track of my own little additions in html-land.
Stef Howerton said…
A-HA!!!!! Diandra, consider it fixed! I did a little detective work in my html, and I found the source of the pesky "new tab" feature and removed it! I feel so much better about life now. hehe

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