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Killers - A Review

From a mildly annoying leading female to a somewhat dull leading male, Killers was tolerable at best. I didn't hate it, but it also didn't strike me as a movie that, at the end of the day, mattered. It was a cute movie that served the purpose of diverting my attention for 2 hours, but it did not accomplish anything past that.

Those words may seem harsh, but when Hollywood seems to be pumping out nothing more than drivel, I keep hoping to sit in a theater that is showing a truly excellent film. Unfortunately both for me and those involved with the movie, Killers was not it.

It started out simply enough. Jen Kornfeldt (Heigl), a recent dump-ee, goes to France with her parents (Tom Selleck & Catherin O'Hara) in hopes of using the beautiful and unfamiliar scenery as a distraction from the woe that is her life. She is utterly dependent on those who surround her, and she doesn't seem to have any issues with sponging off her father's wealth. She meets Spencer (Kutcher, who also produced this little ditty) at their hotel as she is about to step off the elevator to her room, and he stuns her into temporary paralysis with his unclothed, perfectly formed pectorals. Of course...

Spencer asks Jen out on a date after she stutters her way through an introduction (a natural reaction to such perfectly sculpted abs), but what she doesn't know is that he is an agent for the CIA who is there to kill a target for the government. He completes his task and goes out on the date, and he is so enamored by Jen and her quirky normalness that he decides to quit the biz and become a normal, suburban husband.

Three years later, the two are married and living in a new subdivision less than 3 miles away from her parents, but they seem to be happy. It isn't until when everyone they know starts trying to kill Spencer that anything is wrong.

As a whole, Killers was mildly entertaining, but I wouldn't waste $10.50 to go see it. If you can see it for free like I did, then go for it, but otherwise, don't bother. Watch it on Netflix when it comes out on DVD.

Of course, there was a lovely up-side to this movie:


Now, I'm not really a huge Ashton Kutcher fan. The "infallibly pretty Calvin Klein model" look simply doesn't blow my skirt up. In this movie, however, he was gorgeous. Maybe I was so bored with his character that I was able to focus on his body... That's a thought.

Tomorrow's Post: Prince of Persia - A Review

My blog has kind of turned into a movie blog this week, but I figure I should get my opinion out on them before it's too late to see them in the theaters!



GMAN said…
Yeah, no interest in this at all. "Knight and Day" looks and sounds much better-- Despite my burning hatred for Diaz...
Killers is not a killer movie, eh.

Cathy@nursing scrubs

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