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A Torrential Downpour Put My Life On Hold For a Bit

Don't worry, dear friends, for I am alive. Not only that, but I'm kickin', too!

If you've been keeping up with the news lately, you probably have heard of the devastating flood that drowned my poor, beloved Nashville last weekend. Thankfully, all I suffered was a basement full of water (6-7 feet, to be exact), and a few downed trees (one of which resulted in me losing all of my school books and notes when it knocked the trunk of my car open; that same tree went on to land on two of my roommates' cars). We didn't have power for a couple of days either.

But I am thankful. It could have been so much worse.

For example, many families in the southern parts of Nashville lost everything. They didn't just get 6 feet of water in their basement. They didn't just lose a few school books.

They lost everything.


I can't even fathom that.

At one point, there was a building floating down Interstate 24 (see video below). You can't make that stuff up. Opryland Hotel had to evacuate all of its guests by boat, and ended up being filled with over 10 feet of water. The Schermerhorn Symphony Center lost a $2.5 million organ as well as other hefty instrument losses.

At the end of the day, Nashville was dealt a major blow, and the flood is said to have caused at least 1.5 BILLION dollars in damage.

If you want to help, please stop by this site. It has a list of several options you can do as far as donating money or volunteering opportunities.

There has also been a movement started by the Nashville Predator's fan group, Section 303, called "We Are Nashville." With this uprising of courage and community, I declare loudly from the rooftops that I am proud to be a Nashvillian. I love my city, and I am inspired by the togetherness that we so strongly support.

Ok. Enough of that. I don't want to depress you all.

I have some good news!

First things first, I got into the Nashville Opera's production of Georges Bizet's Carmen next spring as a chorus member! I'm so excited! It's going to be really great. I mean, it's one of my favorite operas, and that means I get to dress in some really great costumes. Woot.

Additionally, my finals end on Tuesday, so I'm going to resume a normal posting schedule after that. I may even post every day over the summer. We shall see.

I have more details on Boy (see HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE for a catch-up session), but I will save them for a later post, just to give you guys a little suspense... oooooh. I'm such a jerk, I know.

Well, I'm off to study. Or maybe I'll get on facebook... No, I should study.



Beth said…
k, I feel kinda stupid about this, but apparently I'm not keeping up with the news.
You had a flood?!?! Holy crap?!? How did I miss that one? Goodness! :(
I'm so sorry, and I'm now praying for all the people affected.
Good luck, and hope it all works out ok :)

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