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My First House

Exercise #148 : "My First House"

Your first house or apartment: what do you remember about it?

Feel free to do this exercise either for yourself or a fictional character.

1,2,3, GO!

As far as childhood homes go, I had a pretty different experience in comparison to the rest of the world. Before I was 5, I lived in 5 different homes.

I was born in Mesa, AZ at Williams Air Force Base to Pops and MomLady who were in the Air Force at the time. Less than a year later, we picked up our bags and moved to Mississippi. After that, we moved to Illinois for a bit and then back to Mississippi. From there, we moved to Nashville, TN, and the fam has been in the same house ever since. At any rate, I remember very little about the houses in which I lived before I was 5. In fact, I remember absolutely nothing about the first 3 houses. I mean, I was only 3 years old.

The fourth house is blurry at best. Sadly, however, there's no way I can really revisit the area, because it was wiped clean when Katrina came through.

But I guess I should talk about the details that I do remember. There was a swamp in our back yard, and my sister and I had fun exploring, hunting for crawfish, and befriending turtles on a daily basis. There were also more bugs than I'm willing to encounter ever again. And these weren't just normal bugs. These were Mississippi swamp bugs which, to a little girl of 4 years old, were terrifying (my sister, on the other hand, loved them). Picture it: a small girl is playing peacefully on the sidewalk with chalk, drawing rainbows and unicorns. All of the sudden, her body stiffens, and soon a bloodcurdling scream bursts from her mouth. She's too terrified to move, for a large rhinoceros beetle, while completely harmless, is gigantic, and, for a little girl of 4 years old, extremely scary. Do you doubt me? Check this buddy out.

Giant. Giant and SCARY! We used to call them Hercules Beetles, but I've found since then that the specific genus - Dynastes hercules - hails from the Central and South Americas. But their - only slightly - smaller cousins exist in the US, specific to the southern, swampy areas such as the bog behind my house.

At any rate, they're horrifying creatures if you know nothing about them. Apparently, lots of people in Asia keep them as pets. I dub that odd.

Well, that's enough about that.


Well, it's time for me to get going. I have some people coming over to view my house (potential roommates), and I need to start preparing for that.



Laura Eno said…
That is a horrifying looking bug!
Guinevere said…
Dude, that bug would make me scream like a little girl, and I'm a 26-year-old Marine.
Beth said…
I think I'm going to have nightmares about that thing. *shudder*
You were only four? If I saw that NOW I'd have mental problems. If I saw it when I was four I'd probably be in a straight jacket right now.

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